Landscaping Increases Home Value If You Do It Right

Gardener installing grass turf

Landscaping is a good and relatively quick way to increase home value. However, many property owners overdo certain aspects and invest too many resources for little return.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do landscaping the right way.

Create a plan

The last thing anyone wants to do is start a landscaping project without clear objectives. Doing so can result in costly plants and designs that might not necessarily pay off in the long term.

So before diving into it, create a plan based on the resources and the unique home features at your disposal. Be sure to balance out the different design elements.

For instance, don’t fill up the lawn entirely with orchids, azaleas, and other high-maintenance plants. Unless you have dedicated staff for lawn work, introducing these types of plants will take up a lot of time from you. Mix it up by adding some peonies, junipers, or other easy-to-maintain perennials.

The key is to aim for the right degree of diversity that goes beyond the plain grass look.

Keep the lawn looking sharp

A well-maintained lawn shows prospective buyers that you keep things in the best state possible. It leaves a good impression right from the get-go when buyers are just setting their sights on the property.

Mow the lawn regularly. Pluck out weeds. Rake or sweep fallen leaves. All these little tasks will have a positive cumulative impact come selling time. If you have a busy schedule, you can always hire professional lawn services offered by a lawn treatment and maintenance franchise.

Aside from regular maintenance, consider adding finishing touches through lawn edging and trimming. Some homeowners consider this overkill, but it can give your lawn a nice well-manicured look. Additionally, edging and trimming can help remove those pesky weeds that pop-up along the lawn’s borders and edges.

Match the season

Sunflowers are no longer quite as attractive once autumn looms. Your lawn might have good edging and don’t have invasive weeds, but leftover designs from the previous season might not get many buyers excited.

Make sure to introduce fresh plants and landscaping ideas that are appropriate for a specific season. This will help you make your home appealing to buyers no matter what the season.

Matching landscaping with the season can also help you market your home during the off-seasons. Prospects who look at your property during autumn, for instance, can still see and appreciate its appeal. Hopefully, this nudges them closer to a favorable decision.

Don’t go against the overall design of your home

pond in the garden

Another aspect that you should consider matching with the landscaping is your home’s overall design. Without thoughtful and coordinated design, prospective buyers might see a home that is undergoing some sort of identity crisis.

Whatever the style of your home is — be it modern, Victorian, or something else— be sure to match it with your landscaping to achieve good harmony. For instance, cottage style landscaping that features curved paths and old-fashioned plants goes well with older-looking homes.

If you already a lot of experience with landscaping, it can also be a good idea for you to explore some design crossovers. Although make sure to start small and avoid taking it too far.

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