Building a Nautical Bedroom on a Budget

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Sitting down on the shore with an unobstructed view of the sea is one of the most calming places to be in. The beach offers a unique peace that no other experience can seem to replicate. This is not necessarily the truth, however.

You are capable of bringing the stunning views of the sea into your own home. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation, so what better way to revamp it than by transforming it into a nautical-themed room that brings you closer to the sea, right?

One setback that many people face with room makeovers is the lack of budget for a committed revamp. But we want to show you that your nautical bedroom remodel does not have to go over your budget.

These are the key parts to pay the most attention to.

Keep Things Easy on the Eyes

One of the most memorable things about the seaside is that the views and sounds contribute to a soothing atmosphere. Maintain this environment for your bedroom.

  1. Choose a soft color palette

When thinking “nautical,” the immediate colors that come to mind when thinking “nautical” are white, sky blue, and seafoam green. These are calming colors that immediately call back to the beach even without furniture, decorations, and other materials to reinforce the theme.

Do not overwhelm the base of your room with loud, bright colors because while the nautical motif invites a lot of creativity, it is still a bedroom. Room colors play a major role in your ability to relax and wind down. That is why your color palette should facilitate rest for better sleep.

Sticking with calm colors help you save money as bedrooms are often already painted a calm, soothing shade

  1. Textures and patterns are a must

The beach is not lacking in texture. From when you step your toes in the sand to when you enter the water, you encounter various them. These give you so much inspiration to bring into your own bedroom.

Rough wood finishes are reminiscent of the beachside. Shiplap as an accent wall is also a simple way to reinforce your nautical theme.

These can be expensive to redo entirely, however. A good workaround to redoing your walls to incorporate ship laps is faux wall panels that provide the illusion of built wall panels without the work of installing them.

Stripes are also a must for nautical-themed rooms. They can overpower your bedroom when incorporated into too many areas, though, but choosing one area as a statement or adding it in subtle ways around the room will maintain the peaceful atmosphere.

  1. Make sunlight an integral part of your room

Something that you cannot be without when you are enjoying your time on the seashore is the sun. Natural light is a free and easy way to highlight your nautical theme even more.

Use light curtains to allow sunlight to seep through the room. You can also use more white. White or another light color—not just on your walls but also on your ceiling—reflects more light across the room without the need for more artificial lighting.

rattan furniture

Choose the Right Furniture

Your furniture should support your overall nautical theme and not distract from it. At the end of it, what you want to see is a cohesive bedroom that transports you to the sea and not just uses nautical elements as an afterthought.

  1. Use natural materials

One of the charms of a nautical theme is how natural and intentionally unfinished some parts of it look. Incorporate rustic elements into big room features such as bed frames, closets, and shelves.

Something great about rustic furniture is that there are many ways to do it yourself. If you have extra wood panels or unused furniture lying around the house, you can deconstruct these to build simple projects. Sometimes, you won’t even have to do any rebuilding at all if you can repurpose items, such as turning old wooden step ladders into shelves.

  1. Decorate tastefully

There are many ways you can decorate the bedroom, which also puts you at risk of over-decorating and making your nautical theme look tacky. Small, thoughtful elements such as ships and shells on your side tables and bare walls are usually enough to have your motif shine through even more.

Just keep in mind that most of the time, less is more. When you follow the above principles for creating a nautical-themed bedroom, you will not have to worry about adding too many other elements to make your design cohesive.

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