Moving 101: Things You Can Do While Waiting for the Big Day


Moving can be exciting yet dull, especially after all the packing’s been done and you’re just waiting for the moving company to get your things. Some people can’t just sit still while waiting and doing nothing.

This is something understood by any reputable moving company. In Florida’s West Palm Beach, for example, you’ll find numerous companies that offer a more comprehensive moving package to make their clients less stressed out when it comes to moving their precious belongings. But if you don’t have the luxury of that quite yet, here are some things you can do while waiting for the actual relocation to happen.

Call ahead

One of the easily forgotten things is to call ahead to wherever you’re moving. It can slip your mind with all the hassle associated with packing things. The landlords or managers of your new building will appreciate a prompt call to say that you’re on your way, even if you’ve already scheduled the move with them in advance.


This can be a little trickier to accomplish since ideally, your bed has already been packed, but taking a nap while waiting for everything to be loaded into the truck can be helpful. It will allow you to recover your strength and prepare for the unpacking process.

Listen to podcasts or things you’ve missed


Despite having so many things that have been made easier for us through innovation, it’s quite rare that you actually get free time to do the things you want. The time between moving things into the truck and moving them out can take up to several hours, which is perfect for listening to that podcast or audiobook that you’ve been putting off for a while.

Scout your new environment

On the other hand, if you’ve already gone to your new place ahead of your possessions and are just waiting for the truck to arrive, it would be a good time to have a short walk around your neighborhood. While you can get plenty of time to do that once you’ve unpacked, there are things that you may have forgotten to bring or buy that you need to get before the movers arrive.

Start signing paperwork

In addition to scoping out your new environment, you might want to take this time to double check your paperwork and sign anything you haven’t signed before officially starting to unpack. For legal reasons, landlords will often want all the documentation in place before anything you own sets down in your new home, and it’s better to get this process done while your stuff hasn’t arrived.

Go through a checklist of things you need to change

This can be as simple as new locks for your windows and doors or looking for spare batteries for the smoke detector. While your landlord and the previous tenant may do their best to leave the place suitable enough for you, that doesn’t give you an excuse to slack off and leave everything up to chance. Doing your part can also make sure that your move is done successfully.

Are you ready for your move? Follow these suggestions to make your waiting time more useful and fruitful.

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