Optimizing Your Building’s System Efficiency? Consider Commissioning

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Building commissioning has fast become a must-have specialist service to optimize the energy efficiency, performance, and comfort of your building. Well, designing and actual constructions are critical parts of the building process. But, these alone cannot guarantee that every system of the structure that you are putting up will operate at its highest and best performance level. There needs to be a smart balance between the different facilities in your building. The electrical, mechanical, plumbing and HVAC systems of your building should be able also to operate concurrently and still efficiently. That calls for expert input in running system tests to determine how best to balance these building systems.

But, must you commission your building?

Most modern construction designs in Portland, Oregon integrates all systems into one platform. That has helped ensure easy and quick system management in inspecting, maintaining, and upgrading these systems. But also, it comes with a con in that one system’s failure could spread to all others in the same building. The remedy to such occurrences is following a detailed and standard commissioning strategy. As U.S. General Service Administration highlights, commissioning your building will help in these many ways. Having optimally-functioning building systems will improve the productivity of occupants, thus increasing occupant satisfaction. Also, since you will achieve high energy efficiency, it will lower your energy bills.

All the equipment that you use in the building will also enjoy improved functionality as there will be near-zero chances of power surges. That means increased occupants’ safety and extended equipment and building system service lifecycle. Having a clear outline of your building commissioning plan will also make it easy to follow up on inspection and maintenance schedules.

More on the whys

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On the other hand, green project commissioning will help you meet local green building requirements. Ideally, that is because you will optimize your building’s energy usage by ensuring that systems consume power only when in use. Also, you can switch between energy sources to use renewable ones whenever it is possible. Additionally, commissioning helps ensure a well-balanced interior environment for your building. That stems from balancing heating and ventilation systems in all the rooms and facilities in your building.

Conclusion: Is building commissioning for you?

Whether as a client or main contractor to a construction project in Portland, Oregon, you will find it imperative to follow standard building commissioning procedures. But how best can you do that without professional help? Building commissioning is more of a specialist than a handyperson service. Your building’s energy efficiency, performance, and comfort levels do bank on how well you carry out the commissioning process. And, that rolls back to who you have hired for the job. You are in good hands if the commissioning firm has the expertise and experience to guide you through and ensure that all systems in your building perform optimally right from the ground up. They also should be proficient in recommissioning should you want to optimize the performance of efficiency of existing buildings.

Either way, work with a firm that has had a solid reputation in delivering building commissioning services. Yes, one that assures high durability, optimal energy efficiency, and maximum system performance.

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