Our Favorite Relaxation Getaway at Home

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Going to the spa for a well-deserved pampering is the highlight at the end of a hectic week. But having the time to book a spa appointment doesn’t often happen, so we decided to bring the same experience to our home instead. Here’s a peek at our project.

Start with the basics

The first step was putting an underutilized corner in the backyard to use. There wasn’t enough room for a full-size pool, but it had enough for a custom pool spa in your Utah home, which is perfect for the tiny yard space.

It’s the central piece of the whole design. It’s got everything we wanted: the right size, jet streams and hot and cold water supply. Aside from its usefulness, we also like the fact that it’s easier to clean and less expensive to maintain.

A small area was designated for a sink and a shower area, as well as enough room to make a lounging area.

Capture the ambiance

We built around the technical aspect of the project to make sure that the aesthetics complement the look of the space and are functional as well. A small portable outdoor fire pit is located on one side of the lounging area, while potted aromatic plants line the other end of it.

Lighting was also considered, and we went for soft glow lights to create a soft, relaxing feel to the space. The faint, muffled sounds of the hustle and bustle around us and the relaxing sound of water streaming from the jets of the pool make quite a comforting combination that brings the best out of a city kind of relaxation.

Focus on the details

Aside from the utilitarian and functional aspect of the design, paying attention to the aesthetic aspect is very important. This is if you want to achieve the same serene surroundings that make a spa quite the relaxing retreat.

Choosing color palettes that are easy on the eyes can make one feel more at ease and instantly relaxed. For the surrounding area, we went for neutral shades and kept accessories to a minimum and made sure these accessories aren’t just purely aesthetics but also useful.

Scented candles, a couple small space outdoor tables, a couple of lounge chairs, and a bench that doubles as storage are all but practical accessories that can dress up a space quite nicely while also being functional.

Small Tools and Equipment

spa essentials

To complete the feel of a spa, we made use of portable Bluetooth speakers, plush towels and some essential oil blends. This is to soothe tired and sore muscles, before doing a relaxing foot soak in our small portable foot spa machine.

With some handy work to bring our DIY ideas to life, careful selection of purposeful accessories and equipment, we’ve managed to put together our very own private spa, right in our backyard, with the right ambiance and the perfect Zen.

We now have a place to unwind and de-stress whenever we need to. It’s also turned our blah backyard into a fabulous looking space, so it’s a project well worth the investment.

Are you looking into designing your own home spa? Let us know how you would create yours; we’d like to hear fresh ideas from you!

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