Parental Pointers for Childproofing Your Garage

home with a garage

Your home garage can be a very versatile area; apart from being your private parking area, it can be a stock room, a workshop, laundry zone, or even a lounging area. However, as useful as garages are, they can be quite hazardous to children; from tools to heavy equipment, cleaning and laundry chemicals to mechanical/car fluids, and even your garage door can cause injuries or worse. Although supervision is arguably the best way you can safeguard your kids from the dangers of your home garage, you can’t always keep an eye on them 24/7.

As such, we’ll be taking a look at different ways for you to childproof your garage to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening:

#1 Lock Your House-to-Garage Door

Typically, we lock the doors leading to-and-from our home to prevent intruders from entering our homes through the garage, but a lot of people neglect to do so, thinking that the garage door is safe enough to keep those intruders out. Nonetheless, you should also consider locking your door to prevent kids from entering it, even if you’ve already childproofed it — best not to take any chances, after all. You should install a doorknob safety lock, or at least place a separate lock somewhere high enough where your child can’t reach it (even if they climb on top of a chair).

#2 Hide the Remote

Children will play with anything, and your garage’s remote is no exception either. Improper use of your remote can damage the door, your car, and injure anyone near it. So it’s recommended that you always ensure that your remote is out of reach or hidden away where your children can’t easily find them. Likewise, you should also install your door opener/switch as high as possible so your kids won’t play with it and get someone or themselves hurt.


#3 Store Your Chemicals and Tools Properly

Similar to your remote, once your kids are unsupervised in your garage, they will try to interact with everything in it, and that includes all the sharp and heavy tools and chemicals stored inside. If you have kids in the house, it’s best to lock up your tools in a storage shelf instead of just letting them rest on the tables or floors, or hung on a wall-mounted hook. Same goes for any chemicals and other substances you’re using for cleaning, laundry, or car maintenance. Consider buying a sturdy wall storage cabinet with a lock, or at least place dangerous items on higher shelves, away from your kids’ reach.

#4 Maintenance

A damaged, malfunctioning, or poorly-maintained garage door can be a hazard for everyone. Doors with broken torsion springs or other faulty parts can cause them to close rapidly, which is a terrifying thought if your children often play in the garage or the driveway while it’s open. Regular inspection and maintenance should be done properly and by professionals, so make sure that you have the contact info of your trusted garage door repair company in Salt Lake City handy.

#5 Put Locks or Safety Latches on Fridges and Freezers

A lot of people put their freezers and fridges in the garage. And while seemingly safe, a playful child can end up getting locked inside them. So do the right thing and install a lock or a childproof latch on your garage freezer/fridge.


Childproofing your garage is essential in keeping your entire home safe for your kids. But don’t just stop there, make sure that you also find ways to improve the safety of your home by childproofing other sections of the house, such as the stairs and the bathroom.

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