Perfect Timing: Pre-renovation Checklist

pre-renovation checklist

There’s a thing or two in our homes that needs fixing. We look for home remedies and over-the-counter solutions, but sometimes, nothing works. Even in our incessant attempt to find a solution, they still wouldn’t go back to their original quality. We are left with no other choice, so we resort to renovating.

Before we go all-out on overhauling an area of our home, let’s ask ourselves: Are we really left with no other choice? Sure, we have used all brands of stain cleaners to clean our floors, but have we tried professional cleaning for the tile and grout? Do we have money to spare for reconstruction?

Home reconstruction is messy and expensive. It feels quite invasive knowing that our daily routine and personal space will be hampered to give way to the painstaking work that’s about to happen. Now, before we go through that hassle, do we really need a renovation? Here’s a list of questions that can serve as our checklist before we contact a foreman to tear our house down:

Have you tried calling a professional cleaning service?

Stains on fabrics? That, we can fix. Many tips on how to do just that are all around the internet. Stains on a solid area? Maybe not. We might be inclined to tear the wall off and remove the floor entirely because no amount of scrubbing could take them back to their old beauty.

We rarely think of calling in the professionals because of the notion that they only use the same old products we see from the grocery store and utilize the same techniques we know, but keep in mind that they are specifically trained to address our household problems using concoctions we can only dream of having in our cleaning cabinet.

Is it still serving its purpose?

One source of annoyance is to be constantly reminded of the mess. For example, a peeled-off part of the wallpaper. Because it is visible, we can’t help but take note of it whenever we pass by. Since its purpose is to complete the look of our home, fixing it means having it redone. Although if our reason for this remodeling project is to keep up with the trends we see on the internet and magazines, let’s think if we’ll still like that tropical wallpaper after a couple of years.

When we are talking about other areas of our homes like the kitchen cabinet, you might want to find the right time to renovate because it will surely disturb you from preparing your daily meals. It wouldn’t hurt to wait for the perfect opportunity to renovate if the area is still somewhat serving its purpose. Even though professionals will be doing the work for you, it will still take a toll on your time, space, and budget. And when we say, “the perfect opportunity,” it means having the time and resources to have it done without giving you the stress.

Is it going to cut down your household budget?

household budget

The most important question is this. As stated earlier, renovating costs a lot. Let’s ask ourselves if it will leave a huge dent in our monthly budget. We don’t want to cut our food budget in exchange for a new tub in the bathroom. Wait until we have more than 15% of the budget stated by the foreman. More often than not, there are unforeseen expenses on top of the ballpark budget in which we should be ready for.

If the answer to all the questions is yes, hold that plan for a while. Find cheaper yet effective options first. Look for testimonials in online threads, plus before-and-after videos if there’s any for proof.

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