Practical Ways to Improve Your Retail Clothes Display

rack of clothes

When you run a retail clothing store, you’ll notice a lot of customers walking past, eyeing the display, and moving on. Or perhaps they come in, take a few steps around, and leave without buying anything. Have you wondered what’s going on there? Are they just not your target market, or is there something else you can do to improve your store display?

You don’t have to spend a lot to make significant improvements in your store display. Rearranging elements and some changes of light and color will go a long way. Here are four practical tips to help you out.

Start with the layout

You may be starting with blank floor space, or already have an existing display arrangement to work with. Either way, it pays to plan your layout carefully. A well-designed store layout will guide customers subconsciously to weave through the store, generating more exposure for all your products.

One method to accomplish this is by placing eye-catching or best-selling items prominently displayed near the end of the store, ideally next to the counter. These products draw the attention of customers but make them navigate the rows and aisles, where they might see and pick up additional products on impulse. At the end of their journey, being near the checkout provides more encouragement to make the purchase.

Maximize your merchandise

You’ll want to put as much of your merchandise on display without getting messy. If you’re operating with limited space, that means maximizing what you have available. Multiple level racks or kiosks allow you to fill out your store while leaving some breathing room and avoiding the impression of being cluttered or cheap.

When you have bigger floor space to work with, coherence is essential. Putting up all your merchandise won’t be a problem, but you want to make it easier for the customer to make sense of the display. Look for different lighting styles or mannequins, for instance, to highlight items of interest. And be sure to match quality – expensive items shouldn’t’ be hung on plastic hangers. Shop wooden hangers for sale instead, and use them across your display.

Maintain brand consistency

Retail store displays aren’t just about putting the merchandise on display. They create an opportunity for physical interaction with your brand. Empty spaces in your store can be filled with signs which provide information about the product’s sourcing or design inspiration. You can put up photographs that visually communicate to the customer how the product – and your brand – fit into their lifestyle and activities.

Throughout your use of these spaces, make sure that you design a customer experience that’s in line with your brand. Consult with your marketing team if necessary, so that customers don’t come away with a mixed experience compared to what they expected from your online store, for example.

Keep things fresh

Most retail stores undergo some form of a makeover from time to time. Though this may coincide with seasonal changes, it’s done to freshen up the display and attract renewed attention from customers who might have started to tune out the old look.

You can make this work with less effort by rearranging movable elements, such as display racks, and rotating out specific colors entirely. Combined with a change in lighting fixtures and background, you can quickly achieve a completely different color palette for the store.

There are many other tips to create an interesting and fresh clothes display for your retail store. Keep on testing different techniques to draw in customers and drive up your sales.

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