Quick Ways to Troubleshoot a Garage Door Problem

Take the time to troubleshoot a garage door before calling that repair technician. There are ways homeowners can repair minor issues with their garage doors. Your garage door is an essential component in your home and can cause inconveniences when left unrepaired.

So, what can homeowners do when they are stuck with a garage door that has broken down? Of course, most people would prefer troubleshooting their garage door before scheduling a residential or commercial garage door repair service in Utah or any other state. Nothing is needlessly costly or embarrassing than having a garage door repairer come to your premises and find that the issue in question needs no expertise.

Here are some garage door troubleshooting tips to save you that potential expense and grief:

Check for Broken Springs

Your garage door’s torsion springs are probably broken if the transmitters are not working well and the door has suddenly stopped going up. You may even think that a firecracker has gone off inside the homestead due to the loud bang that a garage door with broken springs produces. Garage doors are heavy, but they are fitted with heavy-duty springs that do the heavy lifting.

However, the door may fail to open or struggle to lift the weight if its springs break. Working with broken torsion springs can be dangerous, and experts recommend enlisting the help of a professional for such a case.

Check for Improperly Set Garage Door Limit

Garage doors with misconfigured limit settings do not stick to their closed position once they are closed. That is a common issue with older garage doors or newer models that need to be reset. The close and open limit of the garage door is the most likely culprit when this happens.

Confirm Whether Disconnect Switches are Enabled

Disconnect switches are probably enabled if the garage door is taking more time than usual to either open or close. Heavy garage doors come with a disconnect switch for convenience even during a power outage. With these disconnect switches, homeowners can open or close their gates manually. That means a car cannot get stuck outside or inside the garage until electricity is back. Disconnect switches are attached to a knob that can be turned on or rope that can be pulled to disconnect the gate.

Detail of a car entering through a garage door

However, experts discourage parking a vehicle in the garage until a faulty door is repaired or replaced. Try not to close or open the gate while it is in a defective condition. Cables and springs exert a force that can cause severe injuries or damage the vehicle or other things in the garage. As such, advise everyone in your family to stay away from the garage door until everything is repaired. Search online or ask a friend or relative to refer you to a reputable technician for maintenance and repair.

Professional garage door repair technicians capitalize on their knowledge in the field to diagnose any problem with a garage door. Never wait until a garage door fails to open or collapses to get professional help. Instead, contact an expert immediately once you notice an issue with your gate for inspection.

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