Retractable Awnings: Why they are Good Investments for Your Home

Awning above the backyard door

How can you add value to your home?

Retractable awnings may seem like unnecessary expenses that add little detail, function, and value to your home. After all, there are many other home technologies you can invest in, like plasma TVs and new smartphones. But additional real estate structures add an unmatchable level of enjoyment. They can influence your mood and how you end up using your living space. Retractable window awnings, for instance, are supplementary roofs or covers that manage sun exposure and heat for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Why to Invest in a Retractable Awning

It can be tiring and draining to sit indoors and use a computer all day. You can choose to move your indoor office outside so you can get much needed fresh air. However, you want this space to remain cool and not exposed to direct sunlight. Retractable awnings can serve as a type of outdoor roof that offers either partial or full protection, depending on your preferences. They come with a motor framing that allows the awning to retract or extend with a button, switch, or control system.

Energy Efficiency

Retractable awnings are energy efficient solutions to reduce heat and provide protection from the sun. They reduce the need for air conditioning and can even bring some heat into the home during the winter.

Style and Design

Awning above glass window

There are many different styles, materials, and colors available for a retractable awning. You may even have hundreds of color options to choose from. It’ll be easy and fun to pick out the color that best complements the exteriors of your home. Awnings also allow a space to look more refreshed and new.

If you want your awning to serve as the main focal point of your home, pick bright and contrasting tones and colors. On the other hand, if you want your awning to blend in with your house, choose colors similar to that of your home’s exterior. You can brighten up an exterior even more with the use of scallops, keyhole valences, tassels, and contrasting trim.


All weather-awnings are suitable for rainy days. You can also consider retractable awnings if you are expecting harsh winds and extreme weather conditions. Non-retractable awnings are easily torn, bent, or damaged by debris. With retractable ones, you can spend time in your patio even when the weather is bad.

Protective Function

Retractable awnings can protect outdoor furniture from exposure to direct sunlight. Over time, exposure can bleach the awning’s fabric and cause it to fade early. Awnings can also provide protection for indoor furniture and fabrics. Furniture is shield from even minimal levels of sunlight. This reduces risk of it bleaching or drying out.

Before investing in an awning, remember each application is different and will depend on your preferences and on the architecture of your home. You may want awnings to shade only a certain portion of your deck or patio. You may also want awnings for your doors or windows. Whatever purpose your awnings are meant for, ensure they are providing value to your home.

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