10 Services Hotels Should Outsource

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Hotels are much more than the modern-day castles they seem to be. The hotel business is very competitive, and to keep customers satisfied, hotels should outsource services that will help them focus on their core competency of providing excellent customer service.

Here are ten services hotels should definitely outsource:

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Marketing Services

A company’s marketing initiatives determine how many visitors it will receive each day of the year. Unfortunately, most companies simply don’t have enough time or money to maintain a successful online marketing strategy. Hiring an agency for this service can lift a huge burden off your shoulders while bringing you better results!

Accounting Services

Hotels are expected to offer excellent customer service at all times but do not make the mistake of focusing on this while overlooking crucial issues like paying bills on time. An outsourced accounting firm can ensure that you don’t miss any major payments and will also make sure you get early notifications on when your next bill is due.

Human Resources (HR)

Many people tend to think hiring an HR department isn’t necessary until after they already have a full staff; however, outsourcing HR services before employees are hired can save you money! It’s cheaper for hotels to hire an agency with experience in hiring new staff than it would be for them to pay experienced employees the average wage plus benefits.

Social Media Management

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of social media in hotel marketing, but you are doing your guests a disservice if you do. Social media platforms provide an excellent way for hotels to reach out to their guests and showcase their best features. Hiring an agency that specializes in social media management can be very beneficial for hotels looking to boost their online presence.

Outsourced Buyers

Buying services can save hotels a great deal of money. Hotels don’t have to buy items in bulk or purchase special deals that may not be the best fit for their guests. An agency can provide home furnishing suggestions, brand recommendations, and product reviews. This will help you get the best products for your hotel while lowering costs.

Housekeeping Services

A company that specializes in housekeeping services has cleaners who are experienced with cleaning different rooms types and know how to clean efficiently. For example, many hotels find it beneficial to outsource their laundry services & dry cleaning because this frees up space on the property so employees are able to focus more time on cleaning guest rooms.


A concierge is a hotel’s best friend. A good concierge will know the area and can provide guests with maps and directions to local attractions, as well as help them to book tours, give restaurant recommendations, and reserve venues for special events. Hiring an agency to serve as the hotel’s concierge can be very helpful because an experienced concierge will know how to answer guests’ questions accurately and quickly.

Event Planning

Events are a great way to attract potential guests to your hotel, but they can be difficult to organize. Hiring an event planning agency is beneficial for hotels because this helps them save money that would have been used on staff overtime or expensive venues. An events company can provide catering services, entertainment acts, and much more!

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

A regular business process outsourcing company can outsource services for your hotel without requiring you to change the entire infrastructure of your hotel. This allows you to focus more time on providing excellent customer service rather than worrying about whether payroll will go through or if there’s enough soap in the dispenser. There are many benefits associated with using BPOs, so don’t underestimate the value of outsourcing management and administrative tasks!

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)

Many people believe that hotels are losing business because of online travel agencies, but this isn’t the case. OTAs are just one piece of the puzzle, and booking websites are beneficial for travelers who are looking to compare pricing for different locations around them. Hotels can outsource their room bookings to an OTA to save themselves time spent on phone calls and emails. This will also help you get a better deal when it comes to your rates.

Outsourcing these ten services can help hotels save money, time, and resources to focus on their primary goal: satisfying customers! With that being said, hotel owners should be cautious when hiring an agency. Ensure that your employees are up-to-date with what you want each service to accomplish before engaging in any contracts — this will ensure both parties receive the necessary results.

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