Shocking Renovation Costs All Homeowners Need to Know About

Exterior renovation of a modern house and construction equipments

Now that you’ve gotten your mortgage approved for the home in Salt Lake City you want to own, it’s time to tackle any renovation work that you need to address. But as you probably know, most remodeling projects usually end up overshooting the budget if you’re not careful.

With that said, below are typical hidden renovation costs you need to plan for.

The Electricity Bill

If you expect your renovation project to last for months, it’s recommended that you budget for the imminent increase in your electric bill during these months. With plenty of power tools that need to be plugged in every single day, you will no doubt be using your electricity more than usual.

While this may appear like a normal incidental, budgeting for this before starting all the remodeling work will prevent you from being blindsided when you receive your electric bill.

Adjusting Internal Carpentry

If the remodel involves wet materials or re-plastering huge parts of your home, there’s a high chance that some internal carpentry, usually doors and windows, will require adjustments. So you should take into account these potential issues when planning your remodeling budget.

Fixing Paintwork

Areas prone to increased foot traffic during remodeling, like hallways, for instance, could take a ton of abuse. There will be people walking to and fro every day, along with all their tools and ladders. That being said, you should ideally set some money aside for paint touchups after all the remodeling work has been completed.

Even if this only involves applying paint on certain walls or patching up tiny dings and chips, you will need sufficient cash to resolve this.

A Professional Deep Clean

It is astounding how dust could spread everywhere when you’re doing significant renovation work in your home. Yes, you can certainly close all internal windows, and doors closed and cover your furniture. However, you’ll no doubt still find yourself shaking off the dust from many different parts in your home.

Likewise, if you opt to stay in your home during the remodel, you can easily keep the dust issue in check with daily cleaning. However, you may consider setting aside some cash for a professional deep clean of your textiles and carpets.

This is to make certain that your home doesn’t turn into one massive allergy trigger after all the remodeling work has been done.

Consider Refreshing Your Garden

Gardener holding a pot with plant in garden

An extensive renovation could easily impact all adjoining external areas since materials and equipment all need to be placed somewhere. This means that your patio areas and paths will definitely experience increased traffic and some damage.

After all the work has been completed, you could assess your garden. But it is better that you have some cash set aside in the first place in case you will have to replant, replace your turf, and repair your fencing.

Remember, even though lots of homeowners budget for their renovation needs, there’s always the chance that their estimated costs could end up overshooting their budget. So keep the above renovation costs in mind to prevent this from happening to you.

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