Signs Your Divorce Proceedings Might Get Messy

couple having a divorce

Divorce in itself can be a stressful situation that is a product of the need for separation. As much as possible, it’s best to get these proceedings done smoothly and efficiently without problems. While fewer couples are getting divorced these days compared to just ten years ago, this often means that the ones who do are far from good terms. Finding a suitable divorce law firm can help proceedings stay civil, but these telltale signs will help you get prepared for a messy case ahead.

Both parties disagree with the distribution of assets.

When both sides want the lion’s share, it’s going to be tough for one to concede. The goal here would be to find a middle ground that feels fair to both corners. The problem with that is seeing what each person deems to be “fair” since this kind of problem usually stems from couples who feel like there was no even distribution of responsibility in the first place. That results in the idea that one deserves more for what they’ve put up with.

The relationship is consistently volatile.

divorce conceptIf every time you are in the same room together, a fight ensues, then it’s pretty much a no-brainer that things will get heated and emotionally-driven throughout the case. There will have to be someone else who mitigates situations and delivers messages from both sides because it’s less likely that the couple will be able to hear each other out. This way, decisions can be given without bias and emotion marring them.

There are kids involved.

One of the most emotional parts of a divorce can be custody agreements, and this can be very problematic if both parents want sole custody. It’s best to take into account what the child(ren) want and lean towards that as a priority. The issue then falls into getting both parents to agree with that, and not putting the child(ren) in a position that is uncomfortable or might cause guilt.

Friends are picking sides.

One of the worst things can be losing friends, and this can add a ton of emotional baggage to someone already going through the wringer because of a separation. Since many couples end up sharing friend groups, it can end up even more emotional and bitter if friends start choosing just one and flocking to their defense. Sometimes, friendships dissipate because the dynamic completely changes, and they don’t want to pick altogether.

There was cheating involved.

Statistics have shown that the o are lack of commitment and infidelity. That creates a cocktail of mistrust, hurt, and resentment that can brew into a very messy divorce very quickly. It’s hard to get around this, especially since it would likely be the leading cause of divorce anyway. Things can get mean and accusatory from both sides here, so it comes down to the lawyers to keep things objective.

If you see any of these in your cards, it might be best to talk to a firm that can handle such proceedings despite tensions running high.

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