Simple Ways to Keep Your Wood Flooring Clean

living room with wood flooring

Wood flooring is designed to be hardy and durable, especially with all the traffic and accidental spills and scuffs they have to endure. But if you want your flooring to last for a long time, you need to keep it clean as well. Preventive maintenance extends the service life of the flooring and minimizes cosmetic damage from everyday wear and tear.

Before you start looking for a hardwood-flooring contractor, you need to know if you can commit to regular cleaning and maintenance of wood flooring. The occasional vacuuming and mopping might do well for other surfaces, but wood floors require more upkeep. There are also easy ways to keep the dirt and grime to a minimum to cut down on the time you spend cleaning.

1. Set up a removal area at points of entry

To reduce the amount of dirt and grime introduced into your home, you might want to set up removal areas at the front door, back door, and other exterior doors. For instance, you can set down floor mats at all exterior doors for easier dirt removal. Some households also bar all shoes inside the home, which reduces the strain on the flooring and keeps outside dirt from getting tracked all over your home.

If you want to apply the same concept to your own home, concentrate all shoe racks in one area to keeps things streamlined. Having a dedicated shoe removal station also keeps water and snow out. Keep a few spare rags at removal areas for faster cleanup.

2. Use floor protectors

living room

Just because you have wood flooring doesn’t mean you have to live with scuff marks and scratches. Protect the floor by installing protectors under furniture. Heavy furniture can scratch the wood, so having floor protectors keeps your surfaces spotless. You can also place rugs in strategic areas to reduce wear and tear from everyday traffic.

3. Mopping the right way

The best way to keep wood flooring clean is to do preventive cleaning. Sometimes, regular mopping isn’t enough to remove deep-set dirt and grime.

For starters, use a special wood floor cleaning solution at least every six months. Dip a microfiber mop in cleaning solution mixed with water, but make sure to wring the mop until it feels just a touch damp. Mop the floor and care to avoid puddles or standing water. After mopping, wipe the surface dry or use a ceiling fan to facilitate drying.

4. Use the right type of cleaner

Not all cleaners are formulated the same. Your typical household cleaners for vinyl or tile can’t be used on wood as it will damage the structure. Instead, use specialized cleaners designed for wood surfaces. Hardwood cleaning solutions are also different from products formulated for softwood, so make sure you’re getting the right one.

These pointers will help you keep your wood flooring shiny, spotless, and clean. Always remember that not all wood is the same, so make sure that you’re following the right maintenance methods for the specific wood type you have.

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