Spine and Other Issues Addressed by Chiropractors

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If you’ve seen the latest craze on satisfying bone-cracking videos on the internet, then you’ve just witnessed what is called Chiropractic Therapy or Chiropractic Manipulation. This practice is defined as the application of pressure to a patient’s spine or other parts of their body. The pressure adjusts and corrects spinal alignment. The therapy is only done by qualified chiropractic doctors.

Because of its increasing popularity, many people with spinal issues are considering this type of treatment. In Lehi, Utah, and other cities and states, experienced chiropractors for auto accident victims can be consulted and booked for treatment sessions. 

So, what are the skeletal issues that chiropractic therapy claims to fix?

Musculoskeletal System Issues

This therapy focuses mainly on the spine, but it can treat a number of issues in the musculoskeletal system as well. Common problems include back pain, stiff neck, slipped disc, and whiplash injuries. Some of the more complex issues are as follows:

Cervicogenic headaches – This could easily be mistaken for migraine because of the similarity of the symptoms. Cervicogenic headache is caused by excessive neck stress, cervical osteoarthritis, damaged disc, or whiplashes, whereas migraine is caused by a number of issues related to hormonal changes and mental stress.

Coccydynia – This develops from the tail bone and people prone to this condition are those who fell badly from bicycles.

Myofascial pain – This is when trigger points on one’s muscles experience pressure, causing chronic pain. The deep pain may travel to unrelated parts of the body.

Leg Length Discrepancies – As the name suggests, it is when a pair of legs differ in length. This condition can be a birth defect or from postural problems like pelvic tilting.

Muscle and Bone Aging Issues

Bone and muscle issues associated with aging can also be mended by a good chiropractic doctor. These painful problems include:

Degenerative disc disease – The discs in the spine are those pillow-like cushions between the vertebrae. Over time, the discs can degenerate because of many years of use and misuse.

Spondylosis – Also called spinal osteoarthritis, this is a spinal issue that affects the facet, joints, and other bones.

man undergoing chiropractic therapy

Is Chiropractic Therapy Real?

There are some controversies surrounding this complementary medical practice. This is because there are still some practitioners who believe in unscientific theories. They are referred to as “straights.”

While it is true that chiropractics have less scientific roots, modern chiropractics are now based on a spinal model. Before modern practices, early chiropractors believed that 95% of diseases are caused by a misaligned spine, and chiropractic manipulation would correct the spine and heal diseases in turn. Now that it has evolved, chiropractic therapy is slowly being accepted as a legitimate form of treatment for musculoskeletal problems.

Side Effects

Because pressure would be applied to the spine mostly, it is normal to experience side-effects such as discomfort, heightened pain, muscle stiffness, headache, and fatigue. These are common side-effects that do not last long and are rarely severe. A study made in 2007 had shown that the benefits of chiropractic therapy outweigh the potential risks, so if you’ve been undecided whether to engage in this therapy or not, perhaps it’s time to try it.

Before going for this method, it ‘s important to do your research to determine if this will work for you. This practice certainly looks intimidating, but judging by the positive feedback it has been garnering, perhaps it would be worth considering to book a session or two.

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