SR-22: All You Need to Know

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Although a majority of people consider themselves good drivers, the truth is that not all people with a driver’s license are responsible drivers. Police officers in Chicago hand drivers traffic speeding tickets every single day. Well, after a driver receives a certain number of warnings, he may need to get an SR-22 certification. Not many drivers understand what SR-22 is. It can be quite confusing in the beginning. Below, you will know what SR-22 is all about.

What is SR-22?

Contrary to popular belief, SR-22 is not an insurance policy. That means that you will still need to get an insurance policy from an auto insurance company. SR-22 refers to a form that an insurance company needs to fill out after you receive a violation. The company representative fills in your details to prove that you have a certain requirement of insurance coverage. The form tells the police officer that you have insurance coverage in case you get a traffic violation notice. The situations that might cause you to get this insurance include drunk driving, reckless driving, and driving a car without auto insurance.

Cost of SR-22

First, you need to look for an auto insurance company that is willing to fill in your details on the form. The auto insurance company will charge you a certain amount of money for the service. The chargeable cost depends on the type of car, your state, and your age. There is no standard way to come up with the charge. Therefore, the cost of getting SR-22 is not a standard charge. However, usually, this charge is higher than auto insurance. Like auto insurance, you ought to make the payments regularly and on time. Failure to make the payments on time compromises the validity of your license.

Making Payments for SR-22

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Now that you are aware that these costs will be high, you should come up with a plan to make the payments. The two ways to make the payments are making all the costs upfront or making monthly installments. Making the payments upfront will remove the burden of making the payments later. However, you should have a large amount of money to complete the payments. Paying the monthly installment is similar to paying the monthly insurance premium. This option is best for individuals who do not have a large sum. You will eventually pay a higher amount in the long run, although you will not deal with much pressure.

Comparing Different Quotes

Just as when you need an insurance policy, you will need to look around different insurance companies. Therefore, do not fear to shop around for multiple quotes from different companies. Take time to compare the quotes and choose the right company for you.

The fact that you have made a mistake does not mean that you have lost it all. Now that you understand what SR-22 is, consider redeeming your situation. Creating a strategy to pay back the extra insurance will help you back on the feet. After making the payments, you can acquire a driver’s license and get back to driving.

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