Start on the Rooftop: Building and Protecting Your Wealth in Real Estate

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It is said that financial freedom begins when one starts building wealth. For many successful investors, wealth creation literally began on a rooftop. It does not take a castle to earn riches. Even beginning with a small home that produces regular income can result in financial abundance over time.

Renowned financial educator Robert Kiyosaki once said:

Real estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building an individual’s cash flow and wealth”.

Building a house, apartment, a townhouse, or any form of shelter is a great start to a real estate investment. While it takes more money to construct commercial buildings, hotels, and other larger structures—almost anybody can begin with a single home. One does not even have to start from scratch or own a new dwelling. There are many pre-owned houses on the market that can be bought at very good rates, especially those that were foreclosed by banks.

Owning a home or building is not the end-all and be-all of real estate investing. The whole point of investing is to make sure the real estate generates cash flow.  Through a well-planned rent or leasing operation, one can have a relatively stable source of passive income. Some houses, by their design and dimensions, make excellent locations for film shootings or events which also generate income for the owner.

But first things first: learn how to protect the value of your real estate. If you already own real estate or planning to buy one, read on:

Protecting Your Real Estate Starts At the Top


The journey to financial gain can begin with an old house. With whatever money one has for making the investment, a good first step is to hire a roof cleaning agency. In many places around the country, like Washington state, rows of old but historic houses stand like an untapped gold mine. Some of these vintage homes are well-preserved, others need more work. In cities and suburbs that have a cold and rainy climate like Seattle, the roof is often the part of the house that needs periodic repair or cleaning. Contracting a professional crew to do maintenance work on the top structure of these classic structures is not only a necessity, it is a matter of historic significance. Indeed, preservation of heritage homes is a must and it begins at the very top of the edifice, most of which have artistic and symbolic adornments.

Modern homes and buildings also need a lot of care. While these newly built structures have more sophisticated materials, the need for upkeep remains unchanged. Some roofs of new homes have been designed to withstand the elements, yet keeping them clean is a task that remains key to keeping the real estate’s present and future market value.

Debris, moss, and grime accumulates on just about every type and size of roofing. A house could have a Victorian era set of shingles, or Colonial period stone and clay types, and even perhaps wood-carved or ornamented roofing. Perhaps a newer home would even have a solar type set-up that stores power from sun, or the more conventional G.I. sheets for those structures used for farming or industrial purposes. Regardless of the kind of roof a structure has, it will always be affected by sun, rain, wind, and other elements of nature. Even animal and insect life will have an impact on every part of the roof, not to mention the gutters and drain pipes. It is not unusual to find a bird’s nest or two, a bee hive, or even a stash of nuts kept by wily squirrels on one’s rooftop.

Why Roof Maintenance Saves the Entire House

Maintaining the roof, either through the professional services of cleaners or by self-effort, will definitely save the entire structure.  Remember that the roof is like a crown and an umbrella that covers the entire span of living space, whether the structure is a bungalow or made up of many storeys. Like a crown, the roof is typically one that is first noticed.  It is the architectural capstone, the part that seems to give the place its material glory, as it were. As a literal umbrella, the roof shelters the entire breadth, width, and height of the property. It shields it from the torrential rains during typhoon season, the slow but heavy accumulation of snow in winter, and the sweltering heat of the summer. Having a well-maintained roof simply provides a protective covering over everything, from the external parts up to the innermost sections of the house.

In short, it is vital to keep the roof of the property well-maintained. This saves time and money since one does not need to bother to undertake more extensive repairs, as well.  Needless to say, a well-maintained roof over a properly preserved home is a treasure that multiplies for generations.

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