Startup Shed: Businesses You Can Start from Your Backyard

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Some of the most successful businesses today were founded in garages. But your backyard can be just as inspiring a place to venture into the world of business. Now that working from home is the new normal, it’s the best time to find new ways to earn income and start your journey to becoming your own boss. Here are examples of businesses you can start from backyard sheds.

1. Photography Studio

Getting photography gigs has become quite a challenge, but there’s still a lot of demand for portraits and professional photos. If you’re already a professional photographer or looking to turn your hobby into a business, you can build a shed

2. Online Store

Running an e-commerce store or selling specialty products online from your home can be hectic, especially now that your kids are always at home. A shed can be the perfect place to store all your products and organize your inventory so it’s easier to distribute. You can even have a dedicated desk where you can manage your orders in peace.

3. Boutique Salon or Spa

With a few decorating tricks, you can transform a functional shed into a relaxing, hotel-quality spa or salon. If you’ve been in the beauty or spa industry for a long time, you’ve surely built a network of satisfied clients. Make them your regular patrons again, but this time for your own business!

4. Architectural Firm

Starting an architect’s studio in a shed is not a new concept. Some architects would even build their own studio shed, showing off their skills on the microscale and leaving a great first impression on clients. Architects have sure proven that sheds can be transformed from a simple storage space to a livable, usable space.

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5. Gardening Business

Want to put your green thumb to good use while making money? Now’s the perfect time to start a gardening business. The demand for plants is skyrocketing, with remote workings continuously finding ways to make their home more conducive for work. You can transform a humble shed into a nursery and storage space to keep your plants healthy and commercially-viable.

6. Personal Training Studio

Starting your own personal training studio in your backyard can be a great idea if you want to ditch the long commute to the gym. Sure, you’ll need to invest in a lot of training equipment, but the returns will be greater than if you’d just work in a gym throughout your career. Plus, a personal training studio is an attractive selling point, especially for those who’d need privacy or those who aren’t as comfortable to go to the gym.

7. Rental Space

If you already have a guest shed laid out, why not make extra income out of it by renting it out to strangers for the days it’s available? A shed makes for a quaint and affordable accommodation which can attract budget travelers and students alike. To get more bookings, add unique extras such as guided tours of the area, a free breakfast, and well-thought-out decor and accessories.

8. Writer’s Studio

Most writers work from home, a favorite cafe, or the local library, or wherever there’s Wi-Fi, coffee, and little to no distractions. But nothing beats having a dedicated space to unleash the wordsmith in you. Make your freelance writing career more legit and organized by creating a writer’s studio shed and have your own quiet corner of the world to get creative.

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