Take Shelter in The Shade: Why Use Fabric Structures?

Fabric shade near a beach

Fabric shade structures are quickly becoming a popular choice for those who want additional space in their premises. These structures are surprisingly flexible and can be set up quickly in a variety of conditions.

Anyone looking for a way to protect themselves or their property from the scorching sun should consider using this type of structure. There are several reasons installing fabric structures is a good idea.

Simple Setup

The great thing about fabric structures is that most of them can be added to various settings without any problem. Depending on the shape of the fabric structure, they can require three or four anchor points for the basic setup. There can be more anchor points depending on the size of the shade and other factors. Installers just need to drag them taut and connect them to the anchor via various means. All of this can be done in just a short time compared to setting up other structures.


Using fabric structures can help the environment in various ways. Many fabric structures can use recyclable materials as the main component. Plastic and cloth reduce the need for other raw materials. In addition, fabric structures can be a good replacement for wooden structures and can be a lot more efficient. Instead of arbors or pergolas, a fabric structure could be a better option. Finally, fabric structures can cool people down without the need for electricity to power air conditioning systems.

Maximum Protection and Ventilation

Fabric structures are mostly used as protection from the sun. The heavy fabrics are excellent shields against the harsh UV rays. Long-term exposure to UV rays can result in skin cancer. This is even during the cooler days of the year. Besides the UV rays of the sun, solar exposure increases the heat levels of the body. People can get overheated and dehydrated if exposed to too much sunlight.

Fabric structures are also mainly open in the sides. This allows for a lot of air passing through. This is great for ventilation. It also helps that the fabric is semi-permeable, allowing for air to move freely. The area covered by the structure often has a temperature that is 10 degrees lower than the exposed area around it.

Looks Great

Close up of a fabric shade

Fabric structures are a great addition to any home or location. They are available in various colors and shapes. Depending on where you will be setting it up, a shade structure can improve the aesthetics of the location. If you use heavy fabrics, they can become semi-permanent structures that will increase the property’s value.

Extended Outdoor Time

With adequate protection and ventilation, people will be able to spend more time outdoors. This can be very relaxing for some people. It can also help with being social, as staying outdoors is very conducive to interaction with other people. For example, backyard barbecues would be more enjoyable with some shade.

Fabric shade structures bring a lot of benefits to the table. If you’re considering various methods of beating the heat, the advantage they have should put them at the top of your list of options.

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