Taking Pictures of Wrecked Cars After an Accident

Taking a picture of bumped cars

Driving in itself can sometimes be stressful, but getting into an accident — whether it’s a huge one or not — can be devastating and difficult. It can send you into a shock, and most of the time, you would not get to move or think straight because of what just happened.

However, it would be best if you can be attentive after the accident so you can document it and present it to the police once they have arrived. There is an exception to this, of course — if you are hurt and you need to be attended to by a medical professional right away, then you can leave everything to the police.

Here, we will give you a few tips on how you should take pictures of your car and the other party’s car after getting into an accident. Make sure to do this so you can also show it to your auto accident lawyer in Salt Lake City.

Stop Both Cars

If the accident is severe and the crash is an intense one, then you most likely would have to stop at the scene. However, no matter how strong the impact is, both parties that are involved in the accident should stop.

First of all, you should talk and agree on what to do with your cars, especially if there are scratches, bumps, and wreckages involved. Second, you would have to take pictures for evidence to present to the police and lawyers later on.

Take Photos of Every Corner

Take good photos of every corner and crevice of your car, especially the areas that were scratched and damaged. Take close-up photos, as well as photos of the whole car itself. You should also make sure to take good photos of the other party’s car, so you have solid evidence of what happened. Take photos of every skid mark and debris that were left in the car that was caused by the accident or the crash.

Don’t Forget the Road Conditions

It would also help to take photos of the road condition after the accident. The road might have been a factor, and it is important to document it, as this can be evidence that can clear the names of both the parties involved. If this is the case, then you can ask your lawyer if you can use this evidence to ask the local government for support regarding the accident.

Remember the Weather Conditions as Well

Take photos of the current weather condition since this can be a factor. A lot of car crashes and accidents happen during the rainy season, as the road is almost always slippery. Take photos of your surroundings so you can show it to the police and the lawyers after.

Take Pictures of the Injuries

Two cars that crashed

It is important to take photos of both yours and the other party’s injuries that were caused by the accident. If one or both of you needs to be taken to the hospital for medical attention, then have a loved one (a family member or a friend) take photos of you, as the lawyers and the police will most likely ask for these later on.

The police can also come in and take photos of your injuries and the wreck after the incident, and you also have to be ready for a bit of questioning once you’ve all settled down.

If you or the other party that was involved in the accident have dash cams installed in your cars, then this would be helpful to the police and lawyers when it comes to solving the case. Do not hide or tamper with the evidence, as this can lead you to another set of trouble.

Always remember to drive safely and keep your eyes on the road at all times.

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