The Best Deterrents For Burglars (and the Ineffective Ones)

man robbing a house

Every household and business value security, which is why occupants install all devices they deem effective in warding off burglars. Every corner has a CCTV camera, accesses have motion sensors, gates have smart locks, and in the garden, tall hedges are planted as an additional means to enhance security, privacy, and aesthetics. But apparently, not all of these deterrents are working, according to burglars themselves.

But don’t panic. Before you uninstall all the security devices you invested in, see what’s truly effective and not in scaring away burglars.

1. Alarm Systems

A Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice study had found that alarm systems are effective crime-fighting tools. The researchers gathered their data from the Newark Police Department, which showed a decrease in criminal activity right at the time when the volume registered of home burglar alarm systems were growing. The study concluded that neighborhoods with denser alarm systems have fewer incidents of burglary compared to neighborhoods with fewer alarms.

Furthermore, the researchers interviewed burglars to support their findings. Most offenders stated that upon encountering alarms, they had abandoned the idea of attacking a home.

Therefore, if you have a burglar alarm in your property, always keep it on, even if you think there’s no threat around. You never know when a burglar will suddenly find your property appealing.

2. A Dog

Aside from the panic-inducing wail of an alarm, a dog’s bark can also scare away burglars. Give your pooch plenty of treats every time they bark at shady strangers or even at familiar faces who could be a potential burglar.

3. Secured Windows

Burglars won’t hesitate to break your windows, even if it will make noise. Thus, secure your windows with locks, motion sensors, and break-proof laminate.

4. Smart Locks

Unlike traditional deadbolts, smart locks will be far harder to pick, discouraging burglars because they’d be slowed down. Smart locks also alert you through your smartphone whenever someone tries to enter using your code, and a burglar wouldn’t risk getting you alarmed.

5. Police Lights

If you caught someone trying to trespass or rob your property, call the cops immediately. Don’t try to face them yourself even if you’re armed. Nothing will scare a burglar better than flashing police LED light bars. The lights, along with the sirens, will also alert your neighbors, so the burglar will also be too scared to hop into the next house to hide.

Ineffective Deterrents

Unsurprisingly, burglars can still find a way to sneak into your property undetected even if you have some pretty solid security devices. But how so?

If the control pad of your alarm system, for example, is installed somewhere clearly visible to a burglar, like on a glass door, it can be ineffective. For your ultimate protection, have it installed where only you and the authorized people in your property can see it. If it’s a business establishment, share the code with one trustworthy employee only; making the code known to your entire team may still risk your security, since burglars can also be familiar faces.

That said, here are the rest of ineffective burglar deterrents:

1. Tall Shrubs

Planting tall shrubs or hedges have been considered a security measure, but it could be what’s making your property more attractive to burglars. They can use them to hide, especially if the shrubs are near your windows. If you can’t get rid of your beautiful garden greenery, just be sure that they’re regularly trimmed to reduce their abilities to be hideouts.

2. Picket Fence

They’re very charming, but unfortunately ineffective in barricading your property against criminals. Use chain link fences, instead.

Deterring burglars is not easy, but it’s not impossible. Follow these recommendations to increase your chances of keeping your property and family safe.

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