The Middle-aged’s Guide to Finding Work

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Age is but a number, but when it comes to shifting careers or finding work, many middle-aged job applicants face numerous challenges. Locking horns with an eager and younger workforce is a common reason why most middle-aged people throw in the towel. Given this, how can one leverage age and experience to stand out among the rest? Here is a guide to landing a job despite being middle-aged:

Age Isn’t an Obstacle

Don’t let your age prevent you from pursuing a career in mechanical engineering in Utah. Age and experience are the best teachers. Compared to their younger counterparts, they are more consistent when it comes to basic cognitive skills.

Some hiring managers consider a younger workforce due to cost, but most hiring managers prefer middle-aged candidates due to their experience. Remember that age and experience are your essential commodities.

Express Your Enthusiasm

During job interviews, you have around 10 minutes to convince your interviewer. Show them your enthusiasm by presenting your career objects once you get hired. Tell them that in spite of your age, you want to learn new skills and open to be mentored by a younger colleague. Convince the hiring manager that you can be an asset because you are pledging your commitment to the company.

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Organize Your Portfolio

Highlight your career achievements, professional growth, completed projects, and talents on your portfolio. Don’t forget to specify your field of discipline: engineering, economics, literature, medicine, or the arts. An organized collection is easy to read and understand. Attaching a one-page summary of your professional background is also a definite plus for you.

Project Your Younger Self

Get a haircut, dye those graying temples, and ask help when looking for a new business outfit or dress. Projecting your younger self makes you more appealing and marketable as a job applicant. Image is everything when hunting for work.

The hiring manager wants to see if job seeker will fit their company culture. Staying current with the latest fashion trends shows that you are open to change and keep up with the younger workforce. Research the company’s image to get a better picture of what to wear during the interview. Dressing for the occasion also helps boost your confidence and attitude toward your future career.

Utilize Your Professional Network

One of the best ways to find work is to tap into your professional network. Talk to former colleagues for job leads within their companies or networks. If you’re a member of any associations, ask them for direct referrals. Join local groups or associations that can help you build professional relationships with other middle-aged workers. If you do find a job, return the favor by helping others as well.

Confidence and experience are your best tools in landing a new career beyond 40. Use your age and experience as leverage when presenting yourself. Show them that you’re open to learning new things and are willing to share your wisdom with others. The knowledge you gained over the years will be your guide as you transition to a new career phase in your life.

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