Theme Ideas for Different Types of Corporate Events

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In the past, most business-related matters were conducted behind closed doors in the confines of offices. People are however now opting for a human and social side of business operations, and more and more elements of a business are taking place outside a company’s physical location. This way, you can project a laid back yet professional nature of your brand and thus interact with clients without looking too harsh. This in no way, however, means that you will automatically be the talk of town should you have an event outside your office.

Corporate incentive trips, team building activities, product launches and gala dinners among other activities will only paint your brand in the best light when professionally handled. A haphazardly planned even will only leave your employees and clients with a wrong impression of your brand. The first step when working with an event planner for your corporate events is the selection of a theme around which you will build your event. Here are some ideas for your theme for different types of corporate events.

Service or Product Launch

You want your product or service launch to be filled with excitement so that people can look forward to investing in what you are launching. Using social media marketing is an ideal method of building a buzz in anticipation for your launch. You should, however, ensure the theme you pick for your event maintains this buzz right from its venue, décor, entertainment, and catering. One of the best themes to build your event around include ‘get ready,’ ‘it’s gonna be great,’ ‘journey to the top’ and ‘you haven’t seen anything yet.’

Awareness Raising Campaigns

If you are planning an event for raising awareness for a particular cause, then you need to stay sensitive to the cause while staying within safe lines. You should have comfort foods on the menu while the colors and general décor of your venue complement the campaign. Among the themes which suffice for awareness campaign are ‘take action,’ ‘working together wins,’ ‘understanding what’s important’ and ‘become agents of change.’

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Business Rebranding

When rebranding your business, attention to detail is the key element which will determine your success. You should capture your target market’s interest. The décor and menu for rebranding events are somewhat open but should be relevant to your clients’ tastes and your marketing goals. ‘Shaping the future,’ ‘going all in,’ ‘expect the best’ and ‘shaping the future’ are a few themes you can use for your rebranding.

Team Building

You cannot afford to forget your employees and focus your marketing efforts solely on clients. Team building is essential to keep your workers motivated to contribute towards your objectives. The traditional places and activities used in team building will not suffice for modern workplaces. Themes like ‘trust,’ ‘commitment,’ ‘motivation,’ ‘change,’ and new team will suffice for your team building activities and destinations.

Picking a theme is generally the hardest element in corporate event planning. The above ideas have however hopefully made the process easier for you. Get one event planner for all your corporate events. This way, you can be sure your brand values resonate throughout all your events which would be hard when working with multiple planners.

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