Things to Consider When Choosing the Location of a Casual Restaurant

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It is often said that the secret to the success of a business is “location, location, location.” When you plan to open a casual fast-food restaurant franchise, your primary concern is the product, and location might be set aside as a secondary priority.

However, for many burger restaurants, they are concerned about the location. Since the products do not have such a wide margin of difference from each other, strategic location is a more significant factor.

Choosing a location seems complicated because there are many things to consider, but when they are broken down, the task is not very intimidating.

Check the Specifics

If you plan to place your franchise restaurant in a shopping mall, it is also essential to check where exactly will it be placed. Many shopping malls segregate their shops by category, like the clothes shops are on one floor, food shops on another, having a dedicated section for gadgets, and more. Where will your restaurant be placed among these? What will be the demographics of the customers going there?

For example, a snack shop would want to be placed near the cinema, but a fine dining restaurant would rather be where other gourmet establishments are located.

Accessibility and Parking

If your restaurant is located outside a shopping mall, then you have to ensure that the restaurant has provisions for parking and accessibility. Is it along the main road or at a dead end? You should also be aware of the traffic regulations around your location. In some congested business areas, there are one-way streets and other restrictions. Even if your business is on a pleasant road, the customers might have to run rings to get there, and they might settle for a more comfortable place with parking.

Also, parking is not just for the customers. Your delivery of supplies should have its own space as well. Will you also provide a drive-through counter? You will need more driveway space, but it can also attract customers on the go.

Visibility and Signage

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Your casual restaurant should be at a visible location. If you do not have a roadside location, you need to enhance that with clear signages.

Can you place full-size banners on the streets? Can you put “this way” signs on the nearest intersection? This is something that you need to clarify with your lease contract. If you have purchased the lot, you need to check the rules and ordinances regarding signages.

Neighboring Establishments

This is another primary consideration. When choosing the location, the first thing that you consider is whether there are establishments that can be a source of customers. If there are schools, churches, or other central destinations, that is a plus. However, you still need to be aware of the different structures around you.

Industrial factories, junk shops, and similar establishments might not be the most appealing neighbors for a restaurant. However, don’t shy away if there is a rival establishment. Chances are, they already have a steady flow of customers, and if they want to try something else, they could enter your restaurant franchise.

Location is vital to any business, and even the franchise holders are very conscious about this. These tips can help you narrow down the selection process.

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