Things to Have When Starting an Automotive Shop

Automotive Shops

People say that if a person wants to be wealthy, they have to either make passive investments or start a business. For those who wish to begin the latter, one of the lucrative markets is automotive.

The outlook for the industry in the United States will remain stable. This is despite a slight decline in 2021. By 2019, the experts forecast the production of 12.4 million light vehicles, which will be higher than the output in 2017.

The country also ranks among the top five when it comes to vehicle ownership. More than 85% of the population has one. Some of these households maintain two or more for different reasons.

The demand for automotive technicians will also grow. Between 2014 and 2024, the job outlook will increase by 5%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Within the same period, at least 39,000 new jobs will be available. In other words, an automotive business has the market. The question is, how does one set themselves apart from the others?

Starting an automotive shop can be capital and labor intensive. Maximizing the business budget involves investing in the right necessary tools and types of equipment. These include the following:

Tube Benders

As its name suggests, tube-bending machines will allow users to work on many kinds of pipes, including those for aesthetic purposes. A Baileigh industrial tube bender also comes in different designs. For the ones trying to save on costs, they can begin with the simplest, which is the manual rotary draw bender. Once the demand for the service or production increases, they can upgrade to a programmable type.

This device works alongside a computer and software. The users can now input their desired measurements and other settings. The machine does the rest of the job. This tube bender is ideal for those who want speed.

Tools for an Automotive Shop

Car Jack

At some point, cars may need an overhaul or a more extensive repair. It may require technicians to look underneath it. For ease, comfort, and safety, the shop needs to have a car jack. It is a mechanical device that can lift heavy objects with the application of a force.

The actual mechanism can fall into two general categories. These are hydraulic and mechanical. The former makes use of cylinders of different sizes. The mechanical ones rely on the physical application of force.


Pliers are a must-have in any automotive shop. They are necessary when it comes to working with small objects, such as wires, nuts, and bolts. Despite their simple design, they can cut, grip, and bend items. Their handles make them not only portable but comfortable to work with.

There are different types of pliers, and they may vary when it comes to their appearance and function. For example, the side-cutting pliers are ideal for working with wires. They can strip, cut, bend, and grip them. In fact, for this reason, people also call them the lineman’s pliers.

The utility pliers are excellent when dealing with objects with awkward shapes such as a hexagon. It can also allow a person to twist a heavy item, such as a metal lid, by applying torque.

Indeed, there are more an automotive shop needs to have, but there’s also no doubt these three are essential. They can already give a fledgling business a nice head start.

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