Three Reasons to Get the Services of a Digital Marketing Firm

You’ve been operating your business for about eight or nine months now. Business is doing well, and you foresee growth in the next six months to a year. Although your operations probably need some tweaking, it’s working fine. Your financials are solid, and there’s a steady stream of sales. The measurement tools you recently implemented shows that customer satisfaction is high. You’re not worried, but you want to take the business to the next level and increase sales by at least 10% on a month-to-month basis.

You surveyed your management team. Questions were raised, and points were debated. You all reached a consensus to hold off on the decision to engage a digital marketing firm. The initial focus was to move products and services out the door. But now that business has stabilized, you are now ready to hire one.

What do you need to know? Here are a few ideas to consider:

A Look At The Industry

In 2016, digital marketing spending was around $70 billion. In 2019, it’s nearly $ 100 billion. The forecast is for an 11% growth rate until 2022. This would put the size of the industry at almost $120 billion.

The big players with hundreds if not thousands of employees include companies like Dentsu Inc., Omnicom, Publicis Group, and WPP. The composition of the industry is a bit uneven, with 66.6% of firms having fewer than ten employees, and 20% has only 11 to 50 staff members.

Business meeting

When you engage in the services of the agency, make sure that they have earned a positive reputation.

Here are three reasons why you should engage the services of a digital marketing firm.

  1. Building your online presence requires time and dedication. Your operation is doing fine, but it could still be improved. Most members of your small team are focused on the production and in providing services to the client. In some cases, team members are taking on up to two responsibilities at a time. You can not go at it alone or add more responsibilities to your existing staff. An external firm will have the focus and dedication to manage your website, social media accounts, and marketing campaigns. This will give your entire team to focus on making sales.
  2. Strategy and professionalism.  Taking your business to the next level requires putting in place a policy that will result in more views, clicks, and eventually, sales. The professionals at the agency can work with you and plot out the potential outcome you want to be achieved, such as ranking high on Google searches.  These take precision and the use of specific online tools.
  3. Results are quantifiable and measured. Unlike traditional marketing, the results of digital marketing efforts can be measured. The number of clicks and views of a paid ad, for example, can be estimated. With this data, you gain more knowledge about your business, which will give you insight on how to engage your customers.

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These are three benefits of engaging a digital marketing firm. The main goal is to have a more systematic approach in creating an online presence and engaging customers.

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