Toning Up After Weight Loss: 5 Helpful Tips

woman measuring her weight loss using a tape measure

So you have lost that excess weight. Now, it is time to get rid of all the loose skin hanging from your body. However, it is easier said than done. You can still try out myriad ways to smoothen up and flaunt your new personality. Each one of you yearns for toned abs, buttocks, and arms. It does look impressive, but everything takes time.

You should make up your mindset to achieve the look. Set goals, and work towards those goals. Remember that you may not achieve a fit and fab look in one month. However, if you are persistent and focused, you can lose the skin and tone up your body, part by part. Moreover, you need to understand that the skin, which is the body’s largest organ, takes time to restore. Sometimes, drastic weight loss leads to non-elasticity, so you have got to be patient here.

Here are a few ways you can tone up after weight loss.

Identify If It Is Skin or Fat

You may get confused at times, trying to figure out if the loose skin is skin or a layer of fat. You need to understand the patterns of the human body. Before you are fat-free, the body tends to hold on to that last bit of stubborn fat. It is because it gives you energy. The female body stores stubborn fat in the abdomen, back, hips, and thighs. Men are luckier, with stubborn fat residing on the abdomen and the lower back. When you pinch the sagging skin, you can feel the layer. Skin will be more translucent. Keep exercising for fat loss to lose the adipose tissue. HIIT training and strength training will be best for you.

Move Your Body

Get toned muscles and build your strength with ballroom dance classes. It is one of the myriad art forms that can help you get back in shape. While moving to Mozart, you will be exerting resistance against your partner’s body. The fast turns, spins, and steps contribute to muscle building. Men have a great time lifting their partners while in motion and tend to develop more muscles than the dainty lady out there. You can gain well-toned legs and lower body while maneuvering to such moves and music.

Exfoliate Your Skin

You should also scrub your skin regularly after weight loss. It improves blood circulation and removes the dead cells from the skin’s surface. Start now with a circular motion and alleviate the speed of blood flow from the lower part of your body to the heart. Dry brushing is an excellent way to bump off the remaining cellulite while toning the skin. It also unclogs the pores and allows your skin to breathe easily and rejuvenate. It also improves lymph circulation. After you are done with this task, you can eliminate many toxins from underneath the skin.

You can also use exfoliants while you bathe. Some people prefer hydration in comparison to dry brushing. Caffeine is an excellent source of exfoliant that encourages blood flow and reduces cellulite.

Moisturize the Skin

It is essential to stay hydrated while venturing into weight loss activity. However, you should also ensure to moisturize on the surface. When you lose fat cells, the body also loses oils. So if you do not replenish the same, it can lead to skin dehydration and dryness. This is the foremost reason why wrinkles and stretch marks appear on the skin. Use an intensive moisturizer containing almond oil, vitamin E, or coconut oil to hydrate the skin. Massage the skin in a circular motion and apply slight pressure to invigorate.

Continue to Exercise Well
woman stretching before doing her exercise

After you lose weight, you need to tone down the body with appropriate exercises. Control the underlying muscles for that lean look. You can try weights to build and grow your muscles to fill the saggy layers. Perform compound exercises that involve many muscles in one go. Squats, lunges, and shoulder presses ate great for toning up your body.

Just because you lost weight does not mean your regime goes haywire. You should maintain the same vigor that you had when losing the kilos. You can choose to break up your workouts into upper body and lower body workouts. It will help you maintain focus. Listen to your body at times, and do not make it overwork. Make dumbbells, barbells, and weight machines your best friend after you are done with weight loss.

These are very important for your after-weight loss journey. You will never look lean and well-built if you do not tone up. The sagging skin makes matters worse. So stick to the steps above and devise more of what works for you.

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