Tools to Help You Hire the Best Staff for Your Organization

One of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make as a business owner or an HR executive is hiring the wrong candidate for a job. Reliable and highly skilled employees are an asset to both large organizations and small companies, but how do you ensure that the right people are hired for your company?

Resumes and interviews play a significant role in the hiring process. However, some relevant details that are often overlooked during this process. If you want to make your hiring process even more effective, it’s necessary to use particular tools like the following:

HR Software

People analytics software is the best digital tool you can use for hiring people. It is a data-driven approach that helps executives and managers make critical decisions about a company’s workforce. It is sometimes referred to as HR analytics or talent analytics.

People analytics is used to look at large sets of data and combine them with technology and statistics. In the recruitment process, people analytics is used to profile potential candidates and automate the screening process.

While relatively new, you can get the help of HR software experts to try people analytics out for your company. The return of investment is worthwhile. In fact, according to reputable management consulting firms, 80% of companies that used people analytics have increased their recruitment efficiency, while 25% improved business productivity.

Social Media

This can be a useful tool if you know how to take advantage of its reach and the information it holds. You can reach candidates’ profiles and analyze their social media presence and how this information aligns with your company policies and needs. You don’t need their data, but knowing a bit about their background can help you understand how a particular person can help your company.

Social media presence is especially relevant for tech and marketing jobs. If you need people in these roles, check their social media profiles. Forbes magazine has even reported that 90% of companies hire through social media websites.


Job interview

After an initial interview, assign a job-related homework for each potential candidate, but don’t set a deadline yet. Let the candidates pick a date for their deadlines. However, you should only be the one to know about each individual’s chosen time.

Assigning homework without a deadline will enable you to see how candidates work, how committed they are to the jobs they seek, how they communicate, and how they manage their time. In other words, you will be able to see and evaluate their work ethics before you even get to hire them.

Overall, being honest with your employees is a good management strategy. It also applies when hiring new staff, though there are an advantage and disadvantage to it. Being too crystal clear about your expectations can encourage many candidates to drop out even before the final interview comes. But that’s good. Candidates that do stick with the hiring process usually end up being the best employees you’ll ever have because they’re up for the challenge.

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