Trendy Commercial Office Design Ideas for 2021

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Just because the pandemic has forced the entire world to work from home, it doesn’t mean the traditional work setup is dead. It will just evolve as society evolves and will continue to adjust according to the needs of companies and businesses. Experts also suggest that the future won’t necessarily be defined by remote work or traditional office setup but a hybrid of both.

This is why it’s still beneficial to keep investing and updating your office to promote health, safety, and productivity among your employees. If you haven’t redecorated your office in decades, maybe 2021 is the best time to start, especially if there are no employees around. Here are some trendy and stylish commercial office design ideas for when the world opens up again.

Open it up.

Darkness is out; natural light is in! If your office has always been on the dimmer side, consider remodeling it to incorporate more windows to let the light in. Floor-to-ceiling windows are always the way to go when you want to rely on natural light—and it’s good for your electricity bills, too.

Incorporate collaborative spaces.

The open space floor plan is here to stay, not only because it looks good but also because it’s more conducive to collaboration and transparency. While health guidelines like proper physical distancing and mask-wearing should still be employed, the vaccines will be a great deterrent to the spread of the virus in your workplace, and there’s no reason why your employees can’t communicate safely and healthily in the workplace.

Consider adding islands or tables in open spaces in your office, as well as chairs. They can also be foldable if you want the space to be more multi-functional. Copy the look of open co-working spaces—they are optimal for work that involves teamwork and collaborative planning.

Leave room for fun.

No matter how small your office is, there should always be room for some fun and relaxation for your team to feel like they have somewhere to escape to when they need a breather. It can be a small TV room near your pantry or a foosball table in the common area. Whatever it is, your employees will surely appreciate you adding extra effort to make them feel like you care about not just their output but also their well-being.

Add some greenery.

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Bringing the outdoors indoors is one of the biggest trends brought on by the pandemic. Commercial offices are no different. Consider having a vertical garden installed in your office—greenery looks particularly good against warm white walls and neutral and muted cabinetry. It’s a simple way of incorporating the ultra-trendy modern farmhouse aesthetic into your office without going overboard.

Go glamorously minimal.

If you have a love for modern yet elegant things, you can add accents of gold against stone floors and minimalist textured wallpaper. You can also add splashes of color by choosing more offbeat furniture colors, like pastel purple or whatever the color of your company logo is. It’s a great way to provide your guests with something to marvel at whenever they visit or sit in the waiting area.

Invest in the bathroom.

We live in a time when cleanliness is everything, and your office bathroom needs to be a place that protects you and your employees from all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Buy bathroom products and fixtures online and choose those that look best with the bathroom style you’re going for, and make sure they’re made of materials that are easy to clean. If the tiles have not been replaced in decades, consider having professionals re-make the entire bathroom and have them check for mold growth as well.

Employ contactless technology without neglecting community-building.

Now that experts say that COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future, maybe eventually as an endemic, our offices need to abide by health and safety guidelines by employing contactless technology without necessarily neglecting collaboration and community-building. Invest in tech that will allow your employees to reserve conference rooms and spaces and design your common areas in ways that will still allow for teamwork and socialization. As vaccines play their part, many of us will move freely once again, and open spaces will still play a valuable role in boosting teamwork and cooperation in the workplace.

Planning a return to the office is not premature; it’s being ready for when the world opens up again. Invest in your business by investing in your employees’ health and motivation through a safe and excellent workspace—it will do your company a world of good.

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