Types of Stone for Your Fireplace Hearth

Fireplace made with different bricks

Fuel-burning appliances are currently a crucial element in indoor comfort and for boosting interior décor. The common ones include wood stoves and wood, electric, or gas-powered fireplaces. When including these in your rooms or the outdoors, you should ensure that they do not put your property at risk of fires. One of the protective elements in your fireplace against this is the hearth. This is the floor of your fireplace and is generally made of a fire-resistant material like stone or brick.

The hearths for fireplaces in Salt Lake City properties are designed for durability, and it is crucial to make the proper choice the first time. If you want to have coal or log open fires even if they are powered by gas, you will need a hearth. The hearth might not be essential when using a modern freestanding stove, but you should check with a manufacturer to be sure. The following are the stone options that you have for your fireplace hearth:


This is currently the inexpensive stone alternative for your hearth, though it should only be used with gas or electric fires. The stone is soft and might crack when exposed to the intensity of solid-fuel fires such as wood-powered ones. Limestone will not break, dent, or scratch under ordinary wear and tear. However, it does not heat evenly, so the sections close to your fire might become excessively hot and crack. There are limitless limestone color options for hearths, but the popular ones include white, cream, gray, and tan.


This is a sedimentary stone type that will guarantee a durable hearth. It comes in black, gray, dark green, and red shades, but it can at times be multicolored. Slate is easily recognized by its rough texture and is exceptionally durable. It is cheaper than marble, soapstone, and granite, but like limestone, it can only be used with gas and electric fires.


This is a mid-priced alternative that can be used with wood, gas, and electric fires. It is incredibly durable and hard. It is available in broader patterns and colors compared to other natural stones. You can also opt to leave your granite hearth unpolished to generate a rough and natural texture that complements traditional décor.


This is softer than granite but extremely heat-resistant and durable. Marble is made of limestone and will thus chip easily. Like granite, you can choose to have a polished or unpolished granite hearth depending on your room’s décor. Although expensive, marble comes in one of the widest color ranges to match all surroundings.


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This is a metamorphic rock resulting from high pressure and heat. Soapstone is a dense stone renowned for its soapy feel. It is available in green to grayish color shades. Although costly, the high heat resistance of soapstone makes it an excellent hearth material. It might nonetheless crack with time owing to its softness.

The natural stone options mentioned above are not only meant for your property’s fire protection, but they will also boost the fireplace’s design. They can be arranged in different ways to generate a customized look for your fireplace. Therefore, you should not worry that your fireplace will look like everyone else’s.

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