Understanding Plant Hire and Its Benefits


Small to medium-sized construction companies are typically the ones hired for smaller projects, such as for homes, strip-malls, or small offices. However, most construction firms this size will not have a fleet of heavy machinery on standby. These heavy machines are very expensive, require a skilled operator, and are costly to maintain.

So, what can you do if you need equipment for your short-term project? Look for bulldozers for hire. Of course, not just ‘dozers can be rented— practically most heavy machines for construction projects may be rented.

Also called ‘plant hire’, this is as a service industry that provides machinery, equipment, and various tools for hire to a licensed construction company. One advantage of renting is that rental companies provide professional advice and training for general and specialty tools. Some companies provide maintenance, repair and even safety training.

Wet hire or dry hire?

This does not refer to the cleanliness of the equipment; rather, what’s included or not included in the rental.

Wet hire. A wet hire is renting a piece of equipment and it comes with an operator. If your employees do not have the skills and experience to operate the heavy machinery, this is the best option as it guarantees proper operation.

Dry hire. This is a rental service where only the machine is rented. The presumption is you will operate the machinery yourself or your licensed operator. This is ideal for long-term projects.

What are the things to consider when looking for a rental company?

Workers on a construction site

Experience. A construction project has specific requirements and a mistake could become costly really fast. Avoid this by looking for a rental company that’s been around for some time. This would ensure that they will have sufficient practical knowledge about certain situations that are not covered in the textbooks. They can also spot potential errors and give you practical advice.

Education. Most people are unaware that operating heavy machinery requires formal operations that take months on end. There are requirements before heavy machinery could be leased to a construction company.

Customer service. If the rental service will last throughout the duration of the project, chances are you will run across situations that are not familiar to your operator. Hire a company that has exceptional customer service, as they’ll be ready to provide support and assistance when you need it.

Training provision. Small machines do not require formal training to operate and technology changes all the time. What you may be familiar with three years ago may have changed. Or it could be a difference in the make or model of the equipment you’ve used in the past.

Whatever the case may be, a good rental company will ensure that you know how to operate the rental equipment effectively and efficiently to ensure safety and maximize the rental service. Take this opportunity to update your knowledge on safety and operations of the equipment.

Adaptability. Each construction project presents unique challenges that require unique solutions. Find a rental company that will adapt to the constantly changing demands of a project.

Whether you choose wet hire or dry hire, it is important to find the right rental company to help you ensure a successful construction project.

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