Ways To Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture

It’s natural for a homeowner to utilize and style every space on their home. Not just for the sake of increasing the home’s appraisal value, but to upgrade their home life too. These efforts are especially centered on rooms with the most foot traffic, such as the kitchen, living room, and even outdoor living spaces.

Building an aesthetic patio is one thing, but making it a cozy space is another. What better way to achieve this is by installing the right furniture?

Outdoor furniture is built to withstand the harshness of natural elements and adds beauty to a patio. It serves both form and function in the outdoor living space. However, unlike your indoor furnishings, these are exposed to the outdoors 24/7. Eventually, the wear and tear will show, and naturally faster than your other furniture.

Even if these pieces of furniture are built for outdoor use, they can use some extra protection from the harsh weather. Protect your furniture from harsh elements to fully enjoy your beautifully designed patios from Just Patios! With these preventive measures, you’ll get your money’s worth too.

Use Water-repellent Cushion and Sofa Covers

A patio can have a roof over it, but that doesn’t mean a few raindrops won’t find their way in. When the wind blows sideways, the rain can still get to your couch, pillows, and other foam-covered furniture. Other times, the rainwater can have dirt with it, staining the covers. Cleaning up after this can be a hassle. If you want to keep the quality of your furniture, invest in some water-resistant cushions and sofa coverings. This can even make cleaning easier and more convenient.

Weatherproof Your Furniture According to Their Material

Most outdoor furniture pieces made from lumber are naturally durable enough to deal with extreme weather, especially those that are naturally rot-resistant. Apply waterproof wood sealant for added protection and extended use. This should make them more weather-resistant, especially during changes in temperature and moisture content. Make sure to sand the furniture before applying the sealant.

This helps to even out imperfections and achieving a smooth finish. Similarly, protect your wicker furniture too/ although these getting wet from time to time doesn’t cause any permanent damage, they should be able to dry out to remain resilient. Guard it against damage and keep the fibers intact by spraying on some varnish.

The classic metal lawn chairs add a charming touch to any patio, but they won’t stay that way for too long of left alone. Furniture similar to this or composed of steel, metal, iron, and like can rust over time.  It’s important to keep them dry and protected from downpours. Place them where there is shade, such as under your patio’s roof, or be prompt about wiping them with a dry cloth after every downpour. For extra protection, apply a coat of paste wax or primer to prevent corrosion and rust.


Install an Insulated Roof

If your patio doesn’t already have an insulated roof, now is the time to get one. For starters, it provides basic weather protection for you and your patio, offering shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. It accomplishes this while regulating the temperature of your patio space which reduces energy consumption costs.

Be Strategic about the Arrangement

Many underestimate the power of strategic placement. Study your layout and arrange your furniture in a way that looks natural and minimizes its exposure to the weather. If you place your furniture on the edges of the shaded space, these will be more exposed to both sunlight and rain. Place the furniture towards the center of the patio to make sure they are not directly exposed to elements.

Cover or Store Outdoor Furniture During Winter

Needless to say, winter is a harsh time to be outside, and your furniture is not immune to its harshness either. The extreme temperature can reduce the longevity of outdoor furniture, so best to keep them stored or covered during this time. Store them in a shed or garage, with ample shed and insulation. Be sure to clean them before storing them away so that it’s easier to set them up when the warmer seasons arrive.

All that homeowners ever want is to make the most of their patio furniture. With these simple maintenance and preventive measures, there will be no reason to replace them anytime soon. By sparing just a little of your time to manage your outdoor furniture, you are extending their use for years to come.

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