What It Takes to Keep Toenails Fungus at Bay

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Toenail fungus is unsightly and causes individuals to feel embarrassed about their feet. But there’s more about toenail fungus than meets the eye, toenail fungus affects the skin around the toe and may cause serious health issues. Failure to get prompt treatment will cause permanent damage to the nail bed. If you have toenail fungus, you should seek nail fungus treatment before the problem escalates. But you could be wondering, what can one do to avoid the toenail fungus. Here are some ways to prevent this condition:

Proper Clipping of Nails

It is vital that you correctly clip your nails. The clipping should be straight and across the nail. You can then smooth the edges with a nail file. A common cause of nail fungus is the sharing of nail clippers. Like other personal effects such as toothbrushes, you should not share your nail clippers with anyone. Lastly, always sanitize your nail clippers before and after use.

Get the Right Footwear

The shoes you wear determine the condition of your toenails. The toenails shouldn’t touch the shoes in the inside. There should be ample space in the shoes after fitting so that your toes have enough space in the shoes. Wearing small-sized shoes will cause your shoes to cramp your toes. In such an environment, the toes have minimal space for comfort. Also, the shoes should be breathable so that air should circulate freely in your shoes.

Regular Disinfection of Shoes

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When was the last time you disinfected your shoes? How long has it been since you sprinkled shoes with anti-fungal powder? Individuals should disinfect their shoes, especially if they wore shoes without socks.

Similarly, one should wash their socks using hot water and change them frequently. The fungus cannot survive in a clean environment, and that means that your toenails will be fungus-free.

Keep Your Feet Dry

The best way to avoid toenail fungus is to ensure that your feet are always dry. That means that after washing your feet, you should always dry them with a clean towel. Similarly, you should not wear a pair of shoes for more than one time. The fungus survives in a moist environment, and thus you should avoid this at all cost.

Toenail fungus is a treatable condition when you seek early treatment. Toenail fungus treatment by experts in Singapore is a painless procedure which will restore the condition of your toenails. The earlier you obtain treatment, the greater the chances of recovering your toenails. Some of the treatment options for toenail fungus include lotions, creams, and nail polish with anti-fungal properties.

The consistent use of the treatment option will see the fungus disappear within a few days of use. Toenail fungus treatment experts have testimonials from past patients, and you can check the testimonials before starting treatment. That way you can trust that you do not have to live with toenail fungus an extra day in your life.

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