What Mining Workers Should Put On: 6 Things

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Mining is an important economic activity. In the first quarter of 2020, mining contributed NZD 774 million to the economy. It is also responsible for the employment of over 5000 people in New Zealand. It is, therefore, vital that workers in the mining sector are kept safe. The safer your workers are, the more productive your company will be.

Here are the types of safety gear that your mining workers should have to improve their safety:

   1. High-visibility jackets and trousers

You need to get the best high-visibility jacket for each worker your NZ company hires to work in the mining fields. Your employees need to be visible to their colleagues, motorists, pedestrians and equipment operators. The more visible your workers are, the fewer the chances of a collision or any other kind of accident.

Mining exposes people to various elements. So, in addition to being visible, the jackets your employees wear will keep them warm and dry. Also, there are vests available to help enhance safety and visibility.

   2. Eye protection

When is the last time you replaced your workers’ eyewear? Perhaps, it is time for you to do so now. Technological advances have made it possible for miners to have proper eye protection when working. These include eye goggles. Some goggles even have anti-fog lenses that decrease reflections and glare. These enable miners to work well even in sunny or humid conditions while maintaining their visibility.

   3. Head protection

mining set

Every miner needs a hard hat to reduce risks of head injuries from impacts and falling objects. You can also opt for helmets. Ensure the hats you choose are tailored for mining purposes. Good quality hats usually have side slots. Your workers can mount ear protection, face shields and flashlights in these slots. The hats may also come with a cord holder or lamp bracket to help mount the miner’s lamp.

   4. Mining footwear

Mining footwear includes gumboots for use in wet conditions and socks to protect the feet and keep them warm.  For regular mining activities, your mining workers will need safety work boots. These have features such as good traction, safety toe box, puncture resistance and sufficient boot height, among other things. Your employees cannot afford to wear bad shoes because they may end up with injuries that prevent them from working for a long time.

   5. Respiratory gear

Miners are exposed to dangerous substances that include toxic gases and dust. So, they need safety gear that protects their respiratory systems. Such gear includes masks and filters. Some masks are disposable, and others can be reused. It all depends on the working needs at any particular time. Miners also need oxygen suppliers when they go mining in areas with little or no breathable air. So, be sure to provide the required oxygen packets to your miners.

   6. Ear protection

Your workers should have the right ear protection gear. These may include earmuffs engineered to increase the wearer’s comfort while working for many hours. Many good quality ear protection earmuffs have foam-filled cushions to seal the noise out. Find what works for your employees.

Your miners should be safe if they are to work at maximum productivity. You are responsible for ensuring they have the right gear to perform even the basic of mining tasks. So, take the time to find the best protective gear available for them. When they are not worried about their safety, they will work better, and your company will benefit financially, too.

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