What You Need to Know About Floor Scrubbers

Floor Scrubber

We’re all familiar with cleaning materials, but how about cleaning vehicles? It’s not something that you tend to give a lot of thought until it’s explicitly pointed out to you, but it’s something that also makes perfect sense in hindsight. For jobs that require a higher level of cleaning, bringing in equipment made to handle the job is a good practice.

In Brisbane, ride on floor scrubbers are only a part of the great number of cleaning machines available. But they fulfill a very important function, one that isn’t realized until you take into account what a neat and organized workplace can do for a business.

But what are ride on floor scrubbers?

They’re basically mops on wheels

They’re not very complicated, but the process behind how they operate is. Ride on floor scrubbers are essential for spaces that need to have a sterile or clean environment, either due to the nature of the facility or the materials that they handle. Cleaning all of that by hand can take ages, and can even be less effective than simply using a machine to do it.

In their most basic function, floor scrubbers function a lot like a small forklift truck with mops and brushes attached to the undercarriage. You can drive it around the facility, turn on a few switches, and the machine will do the rest and clean up the floor as you go.

More advanced models have the ability to dispense and wipe cleaning agents such as soap, bleach, or chlorine. Some warehouses or facilities can employ an entire fleet of these vehicles for onsite maintenance. They’re easy to use and quite efficient in their jobs, which make them a favorite in industrial settings.

But why use them?

floor cleaning

Aside from the obvious benefit of reducing manpower, floor scrubbers are essential for any facility to be well-sanitized and clean. This is especially important in places that handle sensitive biological materials or hazardous chemicals. In the event of a leak or spill, these machines will most likely be the ones to clean it up.

And who doesn’t like a clean facility? Having a dirty working environment poses health risks and has a psychological effect on the workforce in addition to the usual workplace hazards. Unlike before where facilities would be very dirty due to the fact that cleaning them would be a massive use of time, resources, and manpower, using floor scrubbers is an economical and efficient way to make sure there is order in the workplace.

As for the future of floor scrubbers, they’re increasingly leaning towards automation: think of a Roomba for a warehouse, only much more efficient. Technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to program a floor scrubber to load, clean, and unload itself without human intervention, making for an even better and more efficient system.

The next time you look at your factory or facility floor and dread asking someone to do it, perhaps getting a floor scrubber would be a better option. At the very least, it will make your future cleaning jobs look as bright as the floor when they’re done.

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