What’s the Deal with Broken Windows?

Worker fixing broken window

Certain things are bound to break at some point in our lives. Nothing is really indestructible and people need to understand that their material possessions will soon deteriorate and need to be scrapped.

When it comes to your home, many things can go wrong and end up breaking. From squeaky doors to flickering lights, every part of your house has its own “life expectancy” or “service life” and you need to be prepared for when it does end up breaking or failing.

However, for some parts of your house, you just cannot prepare for these things. Learn about windows and why they end up breaking or needing repairs.

Windows can be big or small, made of glass or plastic, and they all still end up breaking at some point. A good window can help accent your home’s design, so a broken window won’t do good with your home’s aesthetics and value.

There are a number of reasons windows end up getting broken, repaired, and replaced. Here are some of them:

Impact or pressure cracks

Certain cracks in glass windows can be caused by a number of things. It could be from somebody accidentally throwing a ball to the window or even a freak accident when the weather goes bad.

Some cracks can be repaired, but most of the time, it is just better to replace the whole panel or window altogether. In a large area like Kansas City, professional window installation and replacement companies can do the work for you at an affordable price.

Rotting wood

This may not be the case for all types of windows. But for those that have wood as the frame or borders for their windows, this may be a problem. Rotting wood can pose a problem where water and air can leak or seep into your house. Bugs and even small animals can even gnaw or make their way into your home through the wood. This is usually caused by improperly applied primer and paint, as well as exposure to wet and humid weather.

If the damage is only in a few areas, then minor repairs will do just fine. However, if the damage has reached the whole frame, you need to replace the whole wooden frame and borders immediately.

Broken seals

Glass broken window

Broken or faulty seals are among the main culprits for broken windows. Without a tight seal, panes and panels might end up dropping from their frames or even form foggy condensation between double or triple-pane glass windows.

This is usually caused by heat, which destroys the seals outright and can be difficult and expensive to repair. Once the damage has been done, it is highly suggested that you replace the affected areas such as the panes or even the whole window if needed.

Should you repair or replace? That will depend entirely on the condition of the window. If you want to keep your house looking fancy, then you need to regularly check the condition of your panes and panels. Have the necessary repairs or replacement in order to save the appearance and integrity of your home.

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