What’s Your Unique Interior Design Style?

When it comes to interior design, many homeowners make the mistake of turning their spaces into “Pinterest homes.” Granite countertops, marble floors, minimalist walls, little plants here and there. Their personal space could be anyone else’s, precisely because it’s a cookie-cutter home off the Internet.

The thing is, you don’t need to imitate what you see online to get a decent, nice-looking space. What you do need rather is to know your own personal decorating style. Once you identify that, you can transform your space beautifully even without the help of Pinterest boards. That said, ask yourself these questions to determine what your interior design style is.

Wild or toned-down hues?

One aspect that would shape your design style is the color. You need to consider if you’re more into bright, bold hues or neutrals. If it’s the former, you might be interested in going traditional. Deep reds, blues, and greens define this design.

You can also go eclectic. This is the aesthetics that put together various elements, including hues. Go wild in mixing colors you want. Compliment it with different prints using wallpaper murals.

If, on the other hand, you’re into the subdued palettes, Scandinavian may appeal more to you. Whites and grays are the hallmark hues for this style. Of course, you can also go modern. This style is built around the use of monochromatic tones. Blacks and whites are classic choices.

Old or modern?

Another major thing that would define your style is your time period preference. If you’re leaning towards the past, French country and traditional aesthetics may fit your taste.

In the former, you’re aiming for a rustic, old-world charm. Your walls, floors, and ceilings will have stone accents, raw wood details, and distressed beams or columns. On the other hand, the latter focuses on the details. For instance, crown molding and wood paneling on the walls, grand accessories like candleholders and chandeliers, and heavy, ornate fabrics in curtains and upholstery.

If vintage vibes aren’t your thing though, then perhaps Scandinavian or eclectic is the right fit. The former takes a minimalist look, so it has clean, crisp lines, organic materials, and lots of negative space. The latter dismisses conventional features, an “anti-tradition” type of aesthetics, thus, it’s a mix and match of different elements.

Interior design modern

More or less?

You need to consider the extent and range of design features, as well. Some design styles have a mantra of “less is more.” These include contemporary, modern, and Scandinavian. These designs give emphasis to negative space, clean feel, comfortable atmosphere, and straight lines. No bold, intricate details.

If, however, you prefer extravagance, being over the top, then go for eclectic or French country. In eclectic, you’re free to introduce unique, random accessories with attention-grabbing, eye-catching features. In French country, everything’s bold strikingly elegant. You can put gold accents in fixtures and cabinet hardware. You can have lots of embroidery in your throw pillows and draperies.

If you feel like you can’t settle on one design, that’s totally fine. You can very well blend styles — just make sure to have a unifying element, say, in colors, textures, or materials. That will ensure that your design won’t be an aesthetic mess. Now, go decorate your space using your personal tastes.

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