Why Use Bricks to Build Your Home

small brick home

For as long as we can remember, bricks have always been associated with strength and durability as a construction material. In the Bible, the wise man builds his house using brick and stone instead of sand. The Big Bad Wolf is unable to blow the house made out of bricks down, thus saving the Three Little Pigs. Through the years, bricks have always been a reliable material that symbolized durability amidst the hazards posed by Mother Nature.

Recently, however, the development of concrete, a material that is even stronger and more refined than bricks, has meant that bricks are no longer the go-to material for a construction project. Despite this, however, bricks still have much to offer, especially when used to build a smaller structure, such as a house or a stand-alone shop or restaurant.

Brick masonry, in particular, lends a certain comfortability and aesthetic to a place, especially when used to make the walls. It makes the place seem much more homey, tranquil, and traditional, in contrast to the modernism associated with concrete. By using wall anchors to hang pictures, you can transform your place’s brick walls into something truly beautiful and special.

Beyond the unique aesthetic look that bricks provide, here are some other good reasons to use these for your walls:

Durability and low need for maintenance

The old stories are right. Brick is among the most durable materials for construction and is able to withstand many kinds of natural disasters, from storms and wind to fire. In fact, because bricks are noncombustible, they can even stop a fire from spreading. The strength of bricks also allows them to withstand the impact from any flying debris that may result from these events.

Furthermore, brick is also known for its color retention, meaning that it does not need to be constantly repainted. Thus, not only will your walls remain standing, but there is little you will need to do to clean it up to make it seem as good as new.

kitchen with brick walls

Affordability and cost effectiveness

When considering all costs associated with building a house, from construction to long-term maintenance, brick is one of the best options. Brick is much cheaper than manufactured stone and precast concrete, and although it is more expensive than fiber cement, you can save much more on maintenance costs.

Furthermore, because it is known to be durable and long-lasting, many insurance companies offer lower rates for homeowners insurance to those with brick houses. This represents another way you can save using bricks, and the accumulated savings from these will definitely add up to a substantial amount.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

Brick is primarily composed of two of the most naturally abundant substances in the world: clay and shale. Thus, there is no need to go through any smelting or additional manufacturing process that are associated with concrete production. Instead, they are easy to put together and do not require heavy machinery. Thus, brick production requires much less energy and leaves a much lower carbon footprint, which makes it good for the environment.

Brick can also be easily repurposed for many other landscaping works, such as creating a walking path. It can also be ground up to be used as sub-base materials or landscaping mulch. With so many possible applications, you are sure to get the most out of any bricks you end up using.

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