Why You Should Consider Having More Nature Nearby


Picture this – you are kicking back after a long week of work. You hear the soft crash of waves, and the sun gently touches your skin. You have just enough shade to comfortably move your gaze toward the potted plants on your sill. Everything is at peace. You take a nap, and suddenly, you are rejuvenated.

The positive psychological effects of nature are innumerable, backed even by science and its explanations on how our bodies respond to both visual stimulus and actual interaction with it. These are the reasons that white noise machines and succulents have seen a surge in interior design and that land for sale has become such a hot commodity.

Here are some of the good effects nature can bring you:

Perhaps the most obvious reason is their penchant for making the air fresher. Whether it’s the sea breeze or a plethora of flora and fauna, nature’s elements are one the most significant contributors to good air circulation and the production of the good stuff that you end up breathing in. If you’re feeling stuffy, nature may be the way to go.

  • Adding aesthetic value

While elements of nature have always been incorporated into the design in the course of humanity, recently, you may notice a trend in interior design about using wood fixtures and adding succulents for a pop. Not only does nature give you something social media-worthy, but its visual appeal innately puts our minds at ease as well.

  • Helping relieve anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are, unfortunately, all too common, and it’s been found that planting can do a lot to relieve these feelings. Another path is to simply go into landscapes or areas that have a lot of nature. Think of a beach, a forest, or even a mountainside. Science shows that it’s in the innate wiring of our brain to want to connect with nature, and that can give you a boost or mood lift. Medical research has shown that directly interacting with nature and its accompanying natural sounds directly affects the stress hormones in your body to soothe you.

  • Increasing focus and retention

Listening to music

Studies showed that the presence of a plant increases the attention span and ability to focus of those around it. That can help you if you’re running after a deadline (since it can also calm your nerves) or trying to find ways to improve how you accomplish your tasks and obligations on time. Studies have proven that those with plants can finish priorities handed to them even if they are demanding for brief bursts.

  • Aiding purpose and productivity

Not only is it easier to work when you have a pleasant environment, but plants in themselves also need to be adequately taken care of. By adding this to your daily regimen can help you set a routine that makes you feel more productive, giving life to these plants by tending to them. Studies have shown that those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are much helped by interacting with plant life because they can engage even with their limited cognitive function.

With these in mind, why not give yourself some time to immerse in nature? Hike by the woods, travel to a less disturbed natural wonder, or simply find yourself a home that perfectly blends the new age with classic Mother Earth.

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