The Best Window Designs for the Workplace


You must have noticed that daylight seems to click all the right centers in the brain that relates to activity and thinking. The best employers realize their benefits in offices for employee wellbeing and productivity at work. That is why you must have noticed a sudden move towards interiors with multiple windows. In other words, Windows have revolutionized the workplace.

Employees who sit near windows are also better in performance. Additionally, they have to stress their eyes less. Studies show that natural light can mitigate stress and anxiety. Employees also report fewer headaches, eye strain, and vision problems. Compare that with others sitting under CFLs or fluorescent bulbs. They reportedly have more eyes problems, apart from frequent headaches. They are also more irritable.

Moreover, windows also keep the interiors cool. So, you can also save on the energy front. So, windows play a huge role in the workplace.

Let’s look at the best window designs for the workplace today.


Sliding Windows

These are the most common windows that you see in offices. The main reason why employers get them installed is they are fuss-free. They mostly move horizontally. You will find several roller bearings supporting the movement of such windows. You can incorporate such windows in the workspace, providing unhindered views of the outside area. They mostly come in two or thrree panels or panes.

Apart from the above benefits, they are low maintenance. You can also get them cleaned by regular staff and save on professional cleaners. When you purchase one, you should check for water drainage holes so that rainwater can drain off quickly.

Pivoted Windows

In this type of window, the window panes are supported on pivots. You can revolve them either way, to open or close them. These are sleek and eye-catching. That is why most employers use them as skylights or on the ceiling, as roof windows. Most Contemporary architects will suggest such windows for offices and establishments occupying the top floors.

These are well-suited for smaller spaces and are also available in double-glazing forms. From a security point of view, they are hard to break into. However, you need a commercial glass specialist to install these windows. And remember, only trained technicians can fix them. However, with the numerous benefits they offer and the low cost of installation, they are the best ones.

Double Hung Windows

You can also go for these windows, as they are easy to operate either from the top or the bottom. Many offices on the top floors have the lower sash closed while keeping the upper ones open. It allows the breeze to flow in a while keeping safety a constant. These are pretty convenient for workplaces, as the office cleaners can pull them inwards and clean them without hassles. Moreover, the transparent nature of the panes adds to the lighting.

These windows are well-suited for public places, like banks, and offices, as they are easy to use. Additionally, these add a lot of value to the interiors and look great with the minimalistic interiors in offices. The only downside is that you have to bear a higher initial cost to get them installed. However, features like the ones mentioned above and their longevity surely make them a steal deal.

Open office interior filled by natural light

Corner Windows

As the name suggests, these windows are located at the corners of rooms or just about any space. They comprise two panes facing one another and joined at one perpendicular point. They are 90-degree windows. The best part about these is that the alight and air can enter from two directions. These windows give an enhanced appeal to the space.

Suppose the workplace is on the ground floor of a building with landscaped gardens. In that case, such windows can connect the indoors and the outdoors. Employees also get to enjoy the beautiful views, which can energize them. Outdoor plants can also soothe their tired eyes, apart from other ways to reduce eyestrain. Whether you get corner windows for an office space or a retail shop, such windows enhance their curb appeal. You will mostly find them opening on hinges, or they might also be sliding.

Many employers incorporate a window seat in front of such windows. So, it helps in team-building activities and an informal corner for breaks. If you are ready to invest a substantial amount for the above benefits, these are surely for you for the above benefits.

Bay Windows

These are a common feature of most modern offices, as they allow a lot of light inside. So, employers having these installed generally have lower energy bills. It also allows the place to be well-ventilated. They come in all shapes and sizes, from rectangular to polygonal. They create an illusion of space.

Moreover, employees love them, as they can gaze through them from any part of the office. You can invest in these structures, as they are pretty popular today. It is one architectural feature that increases the value of your establishment manifold.

These are the most trending office window designs you can get for your building. But remember to choose one according to your convenience and budget. The right window system will give a boost to your workforce’s morale.

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