Workspace Improvements for Boosting Office Productivity

Relaxed, open workplace with productive employees

There are some days when people just dread going to work. And most of the time this is because of the weight of the workload and how stressful it is to finish all tasks in a given deadline. As if that is not stressful enough, the workspace environment also has a significant effect on a worker’s mood in the office.

Thinking of the ambiance and your office environment may seem like the last thing you should be worrying about when a pile of work is sitting at your desk, but it may actually surprise you how an office environment affects mood and productivity. You could always try to boost your own productivity, something even just within your own workspace (whether you are working in an office cubicle or a table, or even at home).

Add Colorful Things That Radiate Positivity and Productivity

Colors have a huge effect on a person’s thinking, behavior and emotions. This was proven by a study conducted at the University of Texas in Austin. Colors naturally bring out some sort of emotion to you without you even realizing it.

The key is to pick the right color to evoke the right emotion. For instance, pink is proven to reduce irritation, aggression and even lessen the feeling of loneliness. Red gives off attention and energy. Yellow, as bright as it is, heightens productivity and alertness. Blue enhances focus and creativity while also exhibiting calmness, stability and loyalty. Green lessens exhaustion and increases efficiency. Orange helps boost your self-esteem and increases your enthusiasm.

Take the time to incorporate some of these colors by intentionally putting them around your workspace to help evoke different types of behaviors and emotions.

Free Up Your Space and Try Some Design Hacks

A disorganized workspace is not pleasant to the eyes and could be very irritating. Seeing your workspace full and cluttered could make you feel stressed. If your workspace is crowded, you could feel anxious and claustrophobic, which would affect your productivity.

Start by taking off unnecessary things on your workspace, including paperwork that you no longer need. Organize the stack of papers that you do need so they look neat at least, and organize your pens.

Lighter spaces, those with higher ceilings, mirrors installed, could be perceived as a less crowded workspace. So freeing up space is not only limited on your table but your entire surroundings as well. Try to put up windows and mirrors, or order office furniture pieces online to decorate thoughtfully around your workspace.

Incorporate the Presence of Nature

Incorporating nature in the workplace

Studies suggest that people who are closer and have access to nature show lower signs of stress and anger, and drastically improve their cognitive functioning and how they process things altogether. While you cannot always take a break and walk outside whenever you want, just having a plant near you or on your table is proven to relieve your stress and fatigue.

If you cannot have and feel nature firsthand, trying to have more of it around your workspace really helps a lot. Also, sunlight is said to increase alertness and attention, so maybe having as much space as possible to let in natural light in your workspace would help you too.

You can always try some of these simple yet achievable ways to help boost your office productivity.

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