Wrinkles, Sunken Cheeks and Eyebags: Removing These Signs of Aging

Signs of Aging

When most people hear about fillers, what often comes to mind is their use in filling up sunken areas of the face. However, if popular personalities’ faces are any indication, fillers seem to have become a tool to make a face fuller. Unfortunately, in some cases, this has also resulted in patients with faces that appear swollen. Celebrities and beauty gurus’ faces notwithstanding, there are ways that fillers can be used to enhance one’s appearance in a natural way. That is, if the cosmetic surgeon knows what they’re doing.
Here are just some of the ways that dermal fillers are used that not a lot of people are aware of:

Non-surgical nose job

Fillers can be used to give one the appearance of a slimmer nose. Adding fillers along the nose bridge make a nose tip rounder and a bigger nose opening look smaller. Dermal fillers can feel as firm as silicon used in rhinoplasty such as Goretex, but they don’t come with the side-effects associated with rhinoplasty. Results can last up to six months with this procedure.

Changing the face shape

In South Korea and other parts of Asia, dermal fillers are used to create a more defined, v-shaped face, which is a beauty standard in the said region. People in the region usually have face shapes that are rounder, making the less common pointed chin and angular jaw features that are highly sought after. Consequently, procedures that help create this effect are very popular. And with the frequency of celebrities in the region opting for the procedure, it’s no surprise that some people want to have it done, particularly on their chins. Another way that dermal fillers are used is to increase the prominence of cheekbones on round faces, to make them appear longer and more angular.

Moisturizing the entire face

Leftover fillers from a client’s procedure can be used to moisturize their face. This is because dermal fillers are mostly made of hyaluronic acid. The filler can be injected into the surface layer of the skin using light, pricking motions. This immediately invigorates the skin, making it look more rested and firm for a few weeks up to a month, depending on the patients’ lifestyle and metabolism rate.

If you want to enhance your face with a dermal filler, Utah has several world-renowned cosmetic surgery clinics that can assist you with your requirements. Many of these will provide consultations prior to the procedure, so patients can be informed of what to expect during and after. Some even offer digital renderings of the facee post-op, so that patients can visualize results accurately.
These are just some of the ways that dermal fillers can be used to enhance your God-given gifts. As discussed earlier, dermal fillers are great especially when you don’t want to drastically change your appearance and just want subtle changes here and there. Dermal fillers also save you a lot of pain, downtime, and most importantly, money. If you can’t afford to do cosmetic surgery just yet, or can’t imagine literally going under the knife, then consider dermal fillers.

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