4 Garage Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Know


Did you know that 9% of home burglars enter through the garage? It doesn’t seem like such a huge statistic, but the prevalence is significant enough to consider making sure that your garage is burglary-proof. After all, the garage doesn’t only serve as a place for homeowners to securely park their vehicle, but it also serves as a secondary storage area, a laundry area, a workshop, and also provides access to the house itself. There’s even a chance that you’re reading this because there’s been a burglary in your neighbourhood, and you want to make sure that every part of your house is secure to ensure the safety of your family and your belongings.

As such, we’ll be taking a look at different ways you can improve the security of your garage, and ultimately improving the overall security of your home:

#1 Keep It Closed

It’s pretty much common sense to make sure that you close your garage door after you’ve parked your car inside, or exited it. However, there are times that we simply forget, especially if we’re preoccupied or in a rush. During the summer, some homeowners open their garage to let out the heat which can damage everything stored in it. But a garage that’s left open and unattended might as well have a sign on it saying ‘Come In, We’re Open’ to criminals.

So you might want to consider calling your local garage doors installer in Perth to have an automated system installed so that your garage stays closed even if you forget to do it manually. But in cases wherein you need to keep the garage door open, say, while working on something in the garage, or to let the heat (or fumes) out, there must be someone in the vicinity to keep watch.

#2 Mind the Windows

house with garage

Next up, the windows. You have always to make sure that your windows are locked securely. Even if your window isn’t big enough for someone to enter through it, it can still be used by burglars to scope the interior and also to ‘fish out’ any items of value they can find. As such, it’s recommended for you to ‘frost’ your windows or at least install a window covering or privacy film that prevents anyone from peeking into your garage. For windows that are big enough to be an entry point for burglars, you’ll want to have a window that has a secure latch and lock and supplement it with a sensor alarm.

#3 Light Up the Vicinity

Burglars are less likely to enter homes that have well-lit exteriors that make them more visible. So it’s important to light up your garage’s exterior for maximum visibility strategically. You may also want to consider adding brighter motion sensor lights as an added level of security.

#4 Let Them Know You’re Watching

The combination of lights and cameras can be very effective in deterring burglars. It’s recommended for you to include your garage when installing a home CCTV system, and not make it a security blind spot. If a CCTV system seems too expensive to install and maintain, consider installing a ‘fake’ camera. The mere presence of one, even if it doesn’t work, can make any burglar think twice.


Your home is just as secure as its weakest point, and the garage is often the part that’s neglected when it comes to security. So make sure to improve the security of your garage using these basic safety tips to ensure overall home security and peace of mind.

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