What Car Color Often Gets a Speeding Ticket?

police issuing a speeding ticket

So many people believe that a red car gets more speeding tickets than any other vehicle. The truth is police officers focus on a lot of things in addition to the color of your car. So if you want to spray paint your car red, go ahead and visit an auto body spray booth because the following details are what cops focus on when someone’s speeding:

Driving faster than others

If you’re driving a little beyond the speed limit, cops won’t chase you if the other motorists beside you are driving at the same speed. But if you happen to speed past your fellow motorists, then it’s likely that a cop will run after you and pull you over.

Experts say that if you drive alongside your neighbors and all of you are driving over the speed limit, it’s less likely that you’ll get pulled over. Perhaps the cops are just trying to figure out which one of you they’ll pull over for speeding.

Driving recklessly

If you happen to be driving recklessly, your chances of getting pulled over are higher. If you often weave through traffic, tailgate other motorists, cut off other cars and overtake vehicles by driving on the shoulder, then you’re likely to catch the eyes of the police officers.

If you wish to slightly go over the speed limit and not be pulled over, then drive responsibly and try not to get noticed. Stay in your lane and try not to overtake too many cars because you’ll end up as a target for cops.

Driving in the front

You’ll also be an easy target if you drive in the lead. If you weave through traffic to move into the front of the pack, then a police officer will see you. The gist here is that sometimes police officers base their judgment on what they immediately see.

If they see a line of cars driving fast, they’ll think that the car in front of the pack is the one driving too quickly. Even if all the other motorists behind the lead car are speeding, they will still pick out the one in the front.

Another thing to take away from this is that if you want to go beyond the speed limit, stay behind the lead car. If a cop appears to pull the lead car over, you’ll have enough time to slow down.

Driving a white car and other kinds of vehicles

driving a car

The myth about the red car is accurate up to a point; red cars are the second-most cars to be pulled over by cops. White cars are the ones that get pulled over the most. Gray and silver cars come after red cars.

Yes, white cars are more frequently pulled over than red cars. But the model of the vehicle is what most cops focus on when they’re looking for someone to pull over. According to statistics, the following cars are the ones that get pulled over more than other models:

  • Audi A4
  • Hummer
  • Mercedes CLK63 AMG
  • Mercedes CLS AMG
  • Scion tC
  • Scion Xa
  • Scion Xb
  • Subaru Outback
  • Toyota Matrix
  • Toyota Solara

So these are some of the things to consider if you don’t want to be pulled over frequently. But perhaps the best way to avoid getting pulled over by the cops is to drive safely and within the speed limit.

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