4 Strategies to Use for Your On-Ground Marketing Campaign


In the age where everyone is online and businesses are talking to their customers through this channel, you can’t still deny that the appeal and effectiveness of on-ground marketing are still trusted by many companies. There are many reasons why. Through this method, they are able to target a specific group of people. They also have the chance to engage their customers personally and explain their products and services much more easily. There is also a chance for personalisation, making selling much more casual and effective. When it comes to budget, on-ground marketing can be quite cheap, especially if you are targeting a small community.

Whether you are a big business that wants to rediscover the wonder of on-ground marketing or a small business owner who wants to maximise a small budget, there are various tactics that you can turn to. Here are some of the strategies you may want to use for your next campaign:

Go for direct mails

If you are still in the process of coming up with an information drive or you just have a limited workable budget, a direct mail marketing campaign is something you should consider. This includes the usage of brochures and pamphlets. Arrest the attention of your customers through stunning visuals. Keep the copy short, witty, and functional, meaning it is easily read and understood.

Hold a sampling campaign

Sometimes, customers want to see and experience your product and service before they yield to your call-to-action and believe in your brand. This is why a sampling campaign is a surefire way to engage with your customers. You can have a booth in a supermarket or out on the streets, so you can have people try your products or services firsthand. You may also get an immediate response from them. When doing this tactic, make sure that your claims are sensible and backed by facts. Otherwise, your customers will have something to complain about when they experience something bad with your product.

Join trade shows

Trade show

Trade shows are industry fairs that you may want to participate in if you want to attract suppliers and possible partners. This is a niche event, but you can expect some regular customers who may drop by. Make the most of such events to further your marketing.

Hold an event

If you have a sizeable budget, you can always hold an event that can attract customers and new leads. For example, an on-ground raffle for the first few customers who will buy your product is something you can implement. Mini-concerts and sponsoring local events also make good choices.

Whether you are planning to complete your integrated marketing campaign or you are just looking for a standalone execution, on-ground marketing is one component that you can always trust. Use this when you want a personalised approach to selling and branding. Before you come up with an overall tactic, you need to know the profile of your customers. That way, you can easily come up with a marketing message that resonates well with them.

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