Reaping the Rewards of Corporate Gardens

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In case you haven’t noticed, the happier your employees, the more successful your business gets. Computer screens, poor lighting, and stuffy cubicles don’t really do much to improve your employees’ moods and productivity. Sometimes all they need is a breath of fresh air and some outdoor scenery to get motivated again.

In the past decade, more companies are integrating office gardens in the workplace. PepsiCo, for example, has introduced an organic corporate vegetable garden where employees can relax and even take home some of the harvest. Outdoor outfitter Timberland launched a 1,000-square-foot garden with abundant flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

A corporate garden is a low-cost investment that provides both employer and employee with long-term benefits. It brings much-needed sunshine, fresh air, and physical activity to everyone’s hectic schedules.

Stress Reliever

Being surrounded by nature can significantly eliminate worries and anxiety. Additionally, engaging in gardening activities like pruning, watering, or plucking can calm the mind and refresh the senses. The visual stimulation from a beautifully designed landscape also relaxes the brain.

Gardens are perfect spaces for meditation. Practicing mindfulness exercises releases endorphins that reduce stressful thoughts. You can even organize meditation activities to help employees pick up the habit. This also shows that your organization values mental health, which from a business perspective, can boost employee retention.

Improved physical health

Most office workers spend a good part of their day behind their desk, staring at harmful LCD screens. This desk-bound lifestyle often leads employees to develop unhealthy eating habits and neglect physical activity.

Gardens encourage employees to walk and stretch their legs. The greenery also provides pollution-free air that improves overall health and well-being.

Fresh, free meals

Corporate gardens yield nutritious food that can be distributed throughout the office. Imagine trading fast food for fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and virtually any vegetable you can dream of. Having an abundant supply of fresh produce can promote healthy eating habits, and help your employees reduce meal expenses. You can also donate your harvest to shelters, charities, and food banks.

Corporate social responsibility


ongoing irrigation

The growing demand for corporate social responsibility has driven many companies to go green. Entrepreneurs are tracking their environmental impact to ensure sustainable and long-term success.

A corporate garden is a cost-efficient way to show a company’s commitment to the environment. Businesses can step up their gardening activities by implementing more sustainable methods. For instance, use 100% organic fertilizers instead of chemicals. Compost green waste and reuse seeds instead of purchasing new ones.

US Lawns, a provider of commercial landscaping services in Twin Falls, recommends xeriscaping for areas where water is an expensive commodity. Xeriscaping is a sustainable form of landscaping that uses native plants from your region. This way, you get to save on resources, while growing a landscape that reflects the natural beauty of your area.

Converting some of your office space into a beautiful, thriving garden can go a long way in improving employee happiness. Office gardens cultivate positive energy, allowing employees to relax and recharge their brains for better work productivity.

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