5 Exercise Options to Consider During Your Pregnancy

Exercise Options During Pregnancy

Have you been wondering if it’s a good idea to do some physical exercise during your pregnancy? For most healthy pregnancies, certain kinds of exercise can be beneficial. And if you’ve been in the habit of enjoying the outdoors here in Utah, you might be yearning to get back on the trail again.

Naturally, before you go through with any kind of routine, you should consult with your OB/GYN. But given the go-ahead, here are five excellent options for your pregnancy workout.


A simple yet effective exercise found in many workouts, squats are actually beneficial as an exercise option for pregnant women. The range of motion involved when you do a squat with proper form will help to practice opening your pelvic outlet during labor, and this helps the baby descend.

It’s vital to get your form right. If you’ve never done a perfect squat before, work with a fitness coach or trainer to get feedback and ease yourself into the exercise, eventually mastering it by engaging all the necessary muscle groups.


Getting your workout in the pool during pregnancy can feel great and for good reason. The water’s buoyancy helps to partly support your increased weight, relieving the burden on your lower limbs and spine.

Swimming is perfect as a low-impact physical activity which still affords you the chance to work your entire body. Contrary to common misconception, chlorine in swimming pools isn’t harmful during pregnancy.

But you should avoid diving, stay hydrated, and keep a heart rate of 140 bpm or lower to prevent over-exertion.


Anywhere you go in Utah, there’s bound to be a nearby trailhead as a starting point for outdoor adventures. Whether you’ll restrict your activity to walking around city parks and gardens, or head for the heights in the Wasatch Mountains, there are some safety tips to keep in mind.

Keep the pace slow, take breaks, and make sure your boots are comfortable. Try to go for an easier level of difficulty than you’re used to – moderate trails like Grove Creek Canyon can be good for experienced hikers, but not advisable for beginners.

And if you make the attempt, know the location of the nearest hospital or pregnancy doctor in Pleasant Grove. Lastly, don’t go alone – bring a hiking partner in case of emergencies.


Certain types of yoga are recommended for pregnancy, while some forms – those involving heated temperatures or specific poses – should be avoided. You should always practice yoga with the supervision of a qualified instructor who can guide you through a good workout.

The right type of yoga practice can benefit your pregnancy with improved sleep and breathing, stronger and more flexible muscles in the pelvic area, and lower levels of anxiety and stress. Make sure not to push yourself too hard, and to pay attention to your body signals, such as pain or contractions.


pregnant aerobics

Low-impact aerobics can give you a good cardiovascular workout and improve your muscle tone while avoiding undue stress and the risks of balancing during certain exercises. Prenatal aerobics classes will skip the jumping, bending, and other unsafe movements.

Unlike your regular aerobics workouts, don’t hesitate to take a break and catch your breath. You should also avoid lying flat, which can reduce the flow of blood and nutrients to the uterus.

Delivering a baby is a form of physical exertion. When done right, getting some exercise during pregnancy is a great way to be prepared for the ordeal of labor.

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