Top Business Ideas for Retired Veterans

VA Loan

Some of the most successful small business owners are veterans. They have the necessary skills to succeed in any industry. They are born leaders, and they are disciplined. They understand the value of teamwork. They can make on-the-spot decisions. According to the recent U.S. Census, 7.5% of the country’s 5.4 million businesses with employees are owned by former military officers.

Veterans have a better opportunity to start a business because they can apply for a VA loan in Corpus Christi or other cities. They can take calculated risks more than anybody else because they are used to making big decisions under duress or with very limited information. If you’re a veteran who is thinking of taking a big entrepreneurial leap, here are some great business ideas that you can start with:

Government Contractor

The government has a Vets First Contracting Program, which means that veterans can better compete for government contracts. By law, 3% of the value of government contracts and subcontracts must be awarded to small businesses owned by service-disabled veterans. This gives a lot of opportunities for veterans to grow their business operations on the backbone of the U.S. government.

The U.S. government requires varied services—from military, transportation, IT, engineering, network security, medical, down to administrative work. If you have been in the military for the last five to 20 years, you are in the best position to start negotiating with the government. Your insights and the relationships you have built will give you expertise.

Firearms Training

What good would your firearms training be in the outside world? You can offer to teach the general public how to safely use, store, maintain, and clean their guns. You need to be certified to become an instructor, but that should be easy considering you know the ins and outs of firearms. Starting this business will cost between $2,000 and $10,000, and you can operate it part-time.

Agriculture and Forestry

cows in the barn

Veterans crave for peace and quiet when they finally retire from service. They start growing poultry, cattle, and many other things. Farming is one of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs. You can be a hands-on farm owner. You need a small parcel of land, a pickup truck, and fertilizers to start your venture.

Sports Equipment Store

Many veterans are into extreme sports. You can open up a retail store selling sports equipment and accessories. You can also take certification exams so that you can work as an instructor for those willing to take skiing lessons and the like. Retail is the fourth most popular industry among veteran entrepreneurs. Veterans who have prior experience in sales, marketing, and supply chain will do well in this business.

Special Event Security

Concerts, political rallies, and many events require security staff for crowd control. You can offer your services to many businesses. They would prefer to hire people with police and military backgrounds. The best thing about this is that you can operate it from your home. You don’t need such a large capital to start this service business.

There are many great business ideas for veterans. All you have to do is to find what you’re passionate about and what can be profitable as a long-term investment. Starting a business is a great way to spend the years after your service.

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