5 Interesting Facts About Asphalt Paving

Residential asphalt paving

Asphalt is among the most commonly used paving materials in commercial and residential buildings in. Studies reveal that 90 percent of the two million miles of paved roads locally have used asphalt. Since most people these days are into decorating their homes with long-lasting materials, asphalt has also become a popular paving material in homes. Besides, asphalt paving increases your home’s value.

The features of asphalt, such as recyclability and durability, separate it from other paving materials. Considering the popularity of asphalt, it helps to understand some interesting facts about it. Also, you need to know some of these facts if you have an asphalt pavement or you are planning to install one soon.

1. Sealcoating is the preferred protection

One of the things that you need to know about asphalt driveways or pavements is that they need protection from the harsh climatic conditions and water. Protection of asphalt driveways is essential in increasing the lifespan of your parking lot or driveway. As such, a sealcoating process is vital in every three to five years. You need asphalt sealing to slow the deterioration process and protect the paving from the effects of sun oxidization.

2. It should be laid in summer

Warm mix and hot mix are the best options for asphalt paving projects. But the two options need hot weather for an effective setting. However, if you have an emergency repair during the winter months that needs sealing, you can use cold mix asphalt. But you may have to replace it with a hot or warm mix patch after the cold season. As such, it is wise to plan your asphalt paving projects between early fall and late spring.

3. Asphalt needs regular care

Driveway asphalt pavingWhat most people do not know is that they have to regularly take care and maintain their asphalt parking lots or driveways for them to last for long. You should sealcoat your new asphalt after two years of installation then once every three years to make sure that the pavement or driveway is well-maintained. Besides sealcoating, most people do not know that there are other ways of keeping their asphalt in excellent condition, such as regular cleaning and carrying out repairs in due time without postponing.

4. Asphalt is a sustainable resource

One of the most astonishing facts about asphalt is that it is among the most significant renewable resources in the world. As such, asphalt has a low environmental impact. Surprisingly, most of the asphalt paving in driveways and parking lots is recycled, and it doesn’t lose its quality. The recycling rates of asphalt are high, which makes it an excellent solution for people who want to go green.

5. New asphalt should be protected

While asphalt requires less curing time than other paving materials, it still needs protection. Therefore, you should keep objects, cars, pets, and people from new asphalt for a minimum of 48 hours or, better yet, 72 hours. Also, avoid heavy parking on the asphalt until the first month is over.

Asphalt is an excellent paving material that will serve you for several years. As such, if you have been considering asphalt, these facts will help you understand about the paving option better. Make sure that you have it installed by a professional.

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