How to Improve Your Office’s Landscape

Commercial buidling with landscaping

Don’t just let your office building be a barren place for work. Try to brighten it up and become somewhere people want to go to every day. You can start this off by implementing some exciting landscaping ideas to your building surroundings. Whether it is just a large lawn or a small smidgen of ground, several landscaping ideas can make your office shine.

Have a Fancy Welcome

First impressions last, and this is why you need to create a good one with your front entrance. Proper landscaping can create beds of warm and welcoming flowers or a path that will impress those entering your office. Adding a large sign showing off your company name is also a good idea.

The entrance needs to be refreshing and inviting. You will also want an entry that you won’t have to change so often. Work with your landscaper to figure out which local plants are suitable for your location so that they can be low-maintenance and won’t wilt quickly.

Create Outdoor Seating Areas

If you’ve got a large park area, then consider installing outdoor seating areas. It should be simple enough to work with commercial landscaping services in Roanoke and other nearby cities to determine what the best places are for informal meetings and the like.

Having an outdoor retreat during breaks is a big morale boost. People don’t like being stuck in stuffy offices, so a place to eat or relax is welcome. Benches, tables, and more are easy enough to set up, so you’re not losing anything.

Seed Decorative Planters

Extend the greenery from your lawn into other places. Large decorative planters are the way to if you want to get people’s attention. Smaller containers will just get lost in the shuffle, so larger ones are ideal. They need to be in prominent locations, like entrances and walkways.

Have Seasonal Flowers

Lawn flowers and open water sprinklers

If you want to have something that changes every once in a while, then you can choose to plant seasonal flowers. This can be a bit expensive, but it can be worth it. People will notice the color changes every season. There are hundreds of summer flower varieties so you won’t run out of them, while spring blossoms can brighten up things after a harsh winter. Fall doesn’t have a favored flower bur ornamental cabbage and kale can work on decorating with the appropriate shade.

Throw in a Fountain

The babbling noise of water flowing can be pretty relaxing. This is why you will want to install a fountain if you have space. It provides the perfect place to relax during a break and can offer an entertaining sight to those who are visiting.

Your employees will appreciate looking at these fresh landscaping ideas. Instead of thinking of their office as some banal place where they have to work, they can get greeted by some natural beauty. It’s a great way to raise morale and just the beginning of making your office a place they can be proud to work at.

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